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Why Should You Use a Network Detection and Response (NDR) Solution?

Why Should You Use a Network Detection and Response (NDR) Solution?

Why Should You Use a Network Detection and Response (NDR) Solution?

Owning and operating a business network requires having a security plan in mind. If a security threat enters your network, it can spread to any device that’s connected to your network. To protect both your network and your devices, your enterprise needs to attack threats from multiple angles. One angle that many businesses don’t consider is malware that’s already infiltrated your network and is laying in wait for the right moment to strike. That’s where a network detection and response (NDR) solution comes in.

NDR is a relatively new technology that came as on off-shoot of endpoint detection and response (EDR) that applied its fundamentals to networks – hence, network detection and response. True it its name, NDR solutions detect security threats on a network and respond to them. Why should you use a network detection and response solution, and what does NDR bring that other security tools can’t?

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Detecting threats isn’t enough anymore

Traditional cybersecurity solutions focus on finding security threats on a system and alerting the IT team to it. It’s then up to the team to diagnose and remove the problem. However, that approach to network security only really works for active threats that are trying to access a network. Legacy tools like firewalls and endpoint security stop harmful data from entering a network but can’t do anything against harmful data that’s already invaded your system. Your business also needs to scan for malware and harmful actors that are currently in your network.

Just finding these threats isn’t enough, however. Finding a security breach is one thing; dealing with that breach quickly and effectively is another. Security threats can act and spread quickly, so businesses need to reduce the time between finding a threat and taking steps to remove it.

Network detection and response (NDR) functions

An NDR solution combines threat scanning capabilities with automated threat response and mitigation tasks. NDR tools constantly search a network for suspicious and/or harmful data. If it detects something wrong, it diagnoses the problem to determine what exactly the security threat is. Based on this diagnosis, it deploys automated tasks to help mitigate the problem while simultaneously alerting your IT team to the issue. The purpose of these automated tasks is to attempt to stop the issue without needing an IT team member to address it. This reduces the time between finding and solving a security problem and allows your team to deal with other important matters.

Improving network visibility with NDR

The primary benefit of a network detection and response solution is that NDR software helps improve your network security visibility. While legacy network security solutions protect you from threats currently attacking your network, there could be malware hiding on your network that you need to get rid of. NDR solutions extend your visibility beyond the perimeter and concentrates security inward. As we mentioned, just protecting things from getting in isn’t enough anymore. Your enterprise must be able to attack threats that are able to infiltrate your system and lie in wait to strike your infrastructure.

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