Why You Need a Network Monitoring Solution During COVID-19

Why You Need a Network Monitoring Solution During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, and organizations are looking to enterprise technology to help them weather the storm. Network monitoring solutions have helped businesses improve their network performance or fix network security issues. These tools can be a major help to companies fight against the business effects of COVID-19, as a network monitoring solution can assist companies in ensuring business networks are running smoothly. Below, we’ve listed five reasons why your company needs a network monitoring solution during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Real-time performance monitoring

Performance issues can happen at any time, and without the right tools, it can sometimes be impossible for your company to discover them before they become a huge issue. You need to be able to discover problems in real-time (or as close to it as possible) to fix them quicker. Most modern network monitoring tools feature real-time network alerting capabilities, informing your IT team about every issue that it encounters as soon as it’s discovered. That way, your company can patch performance troubles before they blossom into something problematic.

Monitoring incoming network traffic

When you have multiple employees working from home, the need to monitor incoming traffic that travels onto your network is critical. Network monitoring solutions observe traffic at every point on a network, ensuring that your business can keep an eye on threats that try to enter your systems. This is a crucial step, as your employees are running devices on external networks that may not have the best security or performance and you need to protect the network on your end to keep your enterprise safe.

You need to ensure your network is performing well at all times. Our Network Monitoring Buyer’s Guide contains profiles on the top network performance monitoring vendors, as well as questions you should ask providers and yourself before buying. We also offer a Free and Open Source Network Monitoring Buyer’s Guide if you’re a small business or have a tighter budget but still want enterprise-grade monitoring for business networks.

Tracking video and voice performance

Companies that manage a virtual workforce will most likely implement voice and video chats to supplement in-person meetings. VoIP and video calls can pull a lot of bandwidth from the network — bandwidth that employees could be using to work on company projects. Any network monitoring solution worth its salt will track bandwidth usage, allowing your company to see how voice/video conferencing is affecting your network. This will allow you to see just what kind of impact VoIP and video has on your business network.

Remote network remediation

When you install an agent onto a device, the network monitoring platform can recognize it from anywhere, allowing users to reconfigure devices that aren’t performing properly from a remote location. Advanced remote network monitoring solutions also include capabilities to fix performance issues and reconfigure devices from any location or device as long as it recognizes an agent. This means that network teams can avoid sending engineers to the office to fix a problem, promoting both safety and productivity.

Preventing unnecessary office visits

IT workers may have to come into the office in order to fix problems with the company’s network. You want to avoid this as much as possible for safety concerns, especially when the problems with the corporate network are minor. Most modern network monitoring solutions allow users to automate monitoring tasks directly through the platform. This allows your network team to continue monitoring and fixing your network performance during the COVID-19 pandemic without taking unnecessary trips to the office.

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