Partnerpedia Address Some Key MAM Issues for Education

Partnerpedia Mobile Application Management MAM Enterprise App StoreIn a recent release Partnerpedia announced that their Enterprise AppZone is, “uniquely positioned to help deal with the challenges of procuring and managing mobile apps in the educational market.” Tablets, smart phones and applications are having a large impact on how students are learning and educators are teaching these days. A lot of educational institutions are taking advantage of BYOD programs, but a large number utilize a shared device structure in order to get these new technologies into their student’s hands. The later presents a few difficulties in regard to management, security and application distribution due to the fact that there is no single user or owner of the device or applications.

Partnerpedia says that their Enterprise AppZone is designed for these types of situations and structures. Their SaaS soluiton offers app management and procurement that allow educational institutions to meet their guidelines around how to manage and track app licenses and usage. By supporting both user-based and device-based models for assignment and usage they allow for auditing and control of individual app licenses.

Here is a quick run down of some of the feature that Enterprise AppZone brings, and click here to read more about Partnerpedia’s offers for educational environments.

  • Support for BYOD, organization owned and shared devices
  • App policy and assignments based on user or device profile
  • Support for PO, credit card and volume app purchasing
  • App auditing and license management
  • Curated app store for educational apps