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Top 7 SIEM Videos You Should Be Watching in 2018

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SIEM videos

Of all the fields under the vast umbrella of cybersecurity, SIEM might be the most seemingly impenetrable to the newcomer; it can be difficult to deploy, require hands-on monitoring from your enterprise’s overtaxed security staff, and difficult to understand even when properly managed. Perhaps it is no wonder then that SIEM can be an intimidating minefield of issues even to the digital security expert.

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So where do you begin? Well, for the beginner and the old veteran alike, videos often prove informative, compelling, and visually appealing—convenient tools for learning, refreshing, or re-examining your enterprise’s SIEM policies and where solutions might be going in the future. Here are 7 videos on SIEM—both the basics and more advanced subjects in security analytics and logging compliance.

1. What is a SIEM? by StratoZen, Inc.

Here’s an short animated video going over the basics of what SIEM is and why it is important for enterprises. It’s a good start for training employees new to the field or for preparing your presentation to the board on why your enterprise needs an SIEM solution.

2. SIEM – Your Complete IT Security Arsenal, 8 Things To Know About Choosing An SIEM Solution by ManageEngine.

This webinar from vendor ManageEngine is excellent for going into greater detail about how the security tools work, and giving your enterprise some key pointers on what to look for in a solution. You can use it as a jumping off point for your enterprise’s selection process or for refreshing your cybersecurity team on crucial SIEM functions.  

3. Advancing UEBA: The Impact of AI, ML and Cloud Infrastructure by LogRhythm

SIEM is made up of many technologies within it so it can scan your corporate logs for incidents and log those incidents for compliance; to solve advanced threats like insider threats and administrator abuses, user and entity-based analytics (UEBA) solutions employ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This webinar from vendor LogRhythm goes into depth about the evolving UEBA market and how it can help give you extensive visibility in security events.

4. 9 Ways to Eliminate SIEM False Positives by StratoZen, Inc.

Every solution will do its best to eliminate false positives—security events that seem like serious incidents but are actually nothing to worry about, which waste your team’s time and energy investigating them. But no solution is perfect. StratoZen presents another bite-sized episode to help you catch and eliminate false positives and make your solution work at optimal capacity.

5. Leveraging Next-Gen SIEM For Security Intelligence: A Buyer’s Perspective by LogRhythm

Another webinar from LogRhythm, this time explaining the distinction between SIEM for Security vs. for IT Operations. The lecture can also help enterprises establish a scorecard to evaluate vendors and solutions, how to leverage market research, and considers the price of ownership—another handy tool for enterprises looking for a solution.

6. Security Analytics and Big Data: What You Need to Know by EMAResearch

Security experts David Monahan, Nick Amato, and Sameer Nori discuss the security analytics market, the difference between security analytics and SIEM, and the technologies that are the backbone of the technology. If you are looking for a video that’s a little more technical for more advanced training or for your own studies, this may be the video for you. It may feel a little old but it is still a good resource.

7. SIEM Best Practices for Daily Security Operations by NitroSecurity

A slightly older video, but no less effective. This video explores necessary skills, and explains how threat detection and incident response is possible. Another great refresher course for the experienced and the newcomer alike.

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