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Alert Logic Announces SIEMless Threat Management Product

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Alert Logic Announces SIEMless Threat Management Product

This morning, SIEM and security analytics solution provider Alert Logic announced the launch of their SIEMless Threat Management product. According to a press release, the SIEMless Threat Management is designed to help enterprises replace legacy SIEM solutions or outsourced security services. They also aim to provide a competitive product in a rapidly shifting security market and enterprise compliance context.   

The SIEMless Threat Management promoted features include vulnerability visibility, asset visibility, and vulnerability assessment and remediation capabilities. It also reportedly offers additional security layers which can provide log and event correlation as part of a threat management capabilities. Additionally, other layers provide an option for 24/7 monitoring and threat analysis to supplement enterprise security teams’ deficiencies.      

Other layers include web application firewall protection and security coverage for the Open Web Application Security Project as promoted capabilities.

Bob Lyons, Chief Executive Officer of Alert Logic, said in a statement: “Other vendors…might provide a platform but leave it to the customer to curate their own threat intelligence and refer customers to security outsourcing partners, or wrap SOC services around another vendor’s platform.”

“This is especially challenging because mid-size and even many larger IT teams are resourced more for prevention and access control but struggle to get an accurate inventory of assets, key weaknesses in their configuration, and vulnerabilities in deployed software.”

Interestingly, the Alert Logic press release cites a statement by Gartner pertaining to managed detection and response services: “[they] are filling the need of organizations of all sizes that lack internal security resources and expertise, and want to expand their investments beyond preventative security technologies to address their detection, response, and 24/7 monitoring gaps.”

Alert Logic was named in the Solutions Review “The 25 Best Security Analytics and SIEM Platforms for 2018.” You can learn more about the Alert Logic SIEMless Threat Management offering through their press release here.  

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