Big Data Security Analytics: Hype or Hope? IT Pros Discuss

The number of attacks on organization’s’ IT infrastructure is growing exponentially. As of June 30th, there have been over 400 data breaches in 2015, and at an average cost of $3.79 million, according to research from the Ponemon Institute, that’s a lot of damages.  In particular, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify unknown threats. This problem requires the ability to store more data and better tools to analyze the data. One solution to this issue that’s gained a lot of attention recently is Big Data security analytics, but is it really all that it’s hyped up to be?

In this episode of HP’s newly minted Discover Performance video series, host Dan Lamorena and his guests tackle the hype and the reality of Big Data analytics, and how it can be used to inform and enhance a security intelligence team.

This episode features Omar Sanchez, CIO and technology advisor at Docutek in Puerto Rico, and Joe Sechman, director of Applied Data Sciences and Software Security at HP Enterprise Security Products. Dan, Omar, and Joe discus the hype vs. the reality of Big Data analytics in security, how to shuffle Big Data to reveal bad actors, modeling behavior to spot anomalies, analyzing data with limited resources, and finding an adversary through behavior analytics.

This video is the first in a five-part series that will cover Big Data intelligence, security vs. privacy, encryption, DevOps and SecOps, and securing the Internet of Things. You can find more Discover Performance videos on HP’s Discover Performance Weekly homepage.

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