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Blancco Releases “The High Cost of Cluttered Data Centers” Report

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Blancco Releases "The High Cost of Cluttered Data Centers" Report

This morning, mobile device diagnostics and data erasure solution provider Blancco Technology Group released their “The High Cost of Cluttered Data Centers” report. The report highlighted an issue many enterprises don’t consider: the impact of physically cluttered data centers on their cybersecurity. Blancco produced the report in partnership with Coleman Parks.  

The High Cost of Cluttered Data Centers report found 40% of enterprises spend more than $100,000 storing useless IT hardware. Moreover, 54% of these enterprises have been cited by compliance regulators for failing to comply with international data protection laws, costing them millions. Enterprises, for many reasons, allow old hardware and the data contained within to accumulate rather than ensuring proper storage and erasure.  

Fredrik Forslund, Vice President of Enterprise and Cloud Erasure Solutions at Blancco, said in a statement: “Global organizations are unnecessarily wasting vast sums of money from noncompliance and onsite storage fees – charges that could be easily mitigated.”

“This points to a huge lack of education within the sector about what to do with hardware that is faulty or has reached end-of-life. Organizations are letting this hardware pile up in fear of data leakage, resulting in loss of efficiency, increasing capital costs, possible noncompliance and potential security risks.”   

Hard Drives Don’t Just Disappear

The High Cost of Cluttered Data Centers report also found nearly half—48%—of enterprises store 31%-60% of their data onsite.

This highlights a fundamental issue modern enterprises must confront when they begin their cloud migrations and adoption; namely, they must be truly aware of the full extent of their data storage before they can secure it. Security analytics and cloud security can’t protect what you can’t find.

Furthermore, migrating to the cloud doesn’t magically make your on-premises hard drives vanish. You need to take direct action to find all of the data contained on your hard drives, determine its relevance, and to delete what you do not need.  

You can read the full Blancco  “The High Cost of Cluttered Data Centers” report here.

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