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Presentation: Comprehensive Monitoring for Docker

If you work IT and have a pulse, then you’ve heard the hype surrounding Docker and their Linux containers. Chances are you’re up to your ears in it. Lately, it seems like there’s a new article hyping Docker’s shiny new containers every day. This “lightweight virtualization” is DevOps’ silver bullet, or so we’re told. But as with any solutions, there are some drawbacks.

Comprehensive monitoring for Docker has never been easy, and in such a nascent ecosystem, everything is subject to change.

In this in-depth presentation, Sumo Logic CTO and Founder Christian Beedgen brings us up-to-date with what’s happened with logging in Docker since late 2014 all the way up to the recently released Docker 0.10. Beedgen also presents his views on a comprehensive approach to monitoring Docker using the API to get events, logs, and stats with a little bit of self-promotion in pointing out that Sumo Logic have recently released an implementation of comprehensive monitoring as part of a Sumo Logic collector source.

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