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Everything You Need to Know About SIEM in 5 Videos

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems are an established part of the information security toolbox and they’re still growing in popularity. In 2016, the SIEM market grew to approximately $1.73 billion, according to IT research and analysis firm Gartner. And though SIEM has seen some market-squeeze from newer, shinier big data security analytics solutions, the primary drivers for SIEM adoption that were in place years ago (threat management and compliance) are still in effect today.

But despite their enduring popularity and necessity, SIEM solutions remain a tough nut to crack. Choosing and evaluating SIEM solutions has never been easy, and the proliferation of new, competing technologies has only complicated the process.

At Solutions Review, we do our best to help by providing the best SIEM news and best practices, but we’re aware that busy IT professionals sometimes need a more easily digestible format. Enter the YouTube video.

For this post, we’ve put together a collection of videos that do a good job breaking SIEM down and making it easier to understand. So enjoy, and please let us know if we missed anything!

LogRhythm’s “Leveraging Next-Gen SIEM for Security Intelligence: A Buyer’s Perspective”: In this webinar, SIEM for Security vs. IT Operations is explored, how to establish a scorecard to evaluate vendors and solutions, how to leverage market research, and considers the price of ownership.


This on-demand webinar – featuring David Monahan, research director for security and risk management at EMA, Sameer Nori, senior product marketing manager at MapR Technologies, and Nick Amato, director technical marketing at MapR Technologies – covers the convergence of security analytics and big data solutions in 2015.

In this hour-long video, Monahan, Nori, and Amato discuss market trends driving businesses towards security analytics, how security analytics differ from Security Information and Event Managment (SIEM), and how technologies such as machine learning enable advanced security analytics.


LogRhythm’s “SIEM: The Proactive Approach to Security”: This video goes into detail about how SIEM allows you to get ahead of attacks. Experts from Gartner and LogRhythm explain the best ways to improve monitoring capabilities, and why SIEM plays a key role in security strategy.


ManageEngine’s “SIEM – Your Complete IT Security Arsenal, 8 Things to Know About Choosing an SIEM Solution”: This webinar discusses 8 things every IT manager should know before choosing a solution, and details how SIEM solutions work.


NitroSecurity’s “SIEM Best Practices for Daily Security Operations”: This video explores necessary SIEM skills, and explains how threat detection and incident response is possible.


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