Mimecast State of Email Security 2021 Shows Surge During Pandemic

Mimecast State of Email Security 2021 Shows Surge During Pandemic

Mimecast recently released its State of Email Security 2021 report. This report, the fifth iteration of its kind, uses interviews with 1,225 information technology and cybersecurity professionals from 12 industries across 10 countries to glean critical security insights. With their results, Mimecast detects an upsurge in email-based cyber-attacks since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Mimecast specializes in cloud-based email management. It works to integrate brand protection, security awareness training, web security, compliance, and other essential capabilities to protect against malicious activity, human error, and technology failure. 

According to the State of Email Security 2021 report, 2020 witnessed a 64 percent increase in email-based cyber-attacks. In part due to the sudden shift to work-from-home as a result of the pandemic, employees became more susceptible to even basic cyber-criminal ploys. Additionally, 70 percent of businesses expect disruption as a result of an email security attack in 2021. Phishing attacks rose 63 percent, and 79 percent of businesses experienced a disruption or other setback due to a failure in cyber resiliency.  

In a blog post for Mimecast, contributing writer Elliot Kass noted: 

“Other important issues addressed by SOES 2021 include the email vulnerabilities facing Microsoft 365 users, the growing threat of corporate email spoofing and brand impersonation, and how companies are increasingly turning to AI to bolster their cyber defenses.” 

“To meet these and other challenges, cyber preparedness is key, and companies with a cyber resilience strategy in place are more confident in their ability to prevent and withstand an email-borne attack than those that haven’t yet made that investment.” 

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