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Panther Labs Releases State of SIEM 2021 Report

Panther Labs Releases State of SIEM 2021 Report

Panther Labs Releases State of SIEM 2021 Report

Panther Labs recently released the findings from its new State of SIEM 2021 report. The report surveys over 400 cybersecurity professionals actively using SIEM to understand their challenges and frustrations. 

Panther Labs builds detection and response pipelines using code and automation, developer-friendly workflows, and big data primitives. Its platform is designed to help teams detect and respond to breaches at a cloud-scale. Panther offers a platform that can empower smaller cybersecurity teams. 

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According to the State of SIEM 2021 report, 46 percent of cybersecurity professionals said SIEM cost versus capabilities does not align at their organization. Over 18 percent said it took 12 months or longer to deploy and implement their SIEM solution. 24 percent said the biggest challenge with their SIEM solution came from too many alerts. Overall, a significant portion of the surveyed professionals found that visibility remained a critical issue, and they were unsatisfied with their visibility options both on-premises and on the cloud. 

Jack Naglieri, CEO and founder of Panther Labs, shared a statement with the report’s release. “Insights from this report confirm what my team and I have also experienced working at companies like Amazon and Airbnb — traditional SIEM platforms no longer meet the growing needs of security practitioners who face new and emerging threats. The threat detection market is undergoing a radical transformation fueled by continuously evolving changes to infrastructure, remote workforce, budget restructuring, and other business, compliance, and security drivers.”

The evidence Pnather Labs presents does suggest that relying on legacy solutions can backfire on enterprises, and more research is required before selecting a solution.

Learn more about Panther Labs here.

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