SecureLink and Ponemon: Crisis in Third-Party Remote Access Security

SecureLink and Ponemon: Crisis in Third-Party Remote Access Security

SecureLink and the Ponemon Institute recently released its “A Crisis in Third-Party Remote Access Security” report. This report details the discrepancy between organizations’ perceived third-party access threat and their deployed security measures. 

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SecureLink specializes in third-party security, providing secure third-party remote access for both enterprises and technology vendors. It works to discover, solve, and secure the greatest points of risk in the third-party lifecycle. SecureLink provides enterprises with secure remote access with identity management, access controls, audit, and compliance assurance.

According to “A Crisis in Third-Party Remote Access Security” report, 44 percent of organizations experienced a breach within the last 12 months. 74 percent said the breach resulted from giving too much-privileged access to third-parties. Yet 51 percent of respondents say their organizations are not assessing the security and privacy practices of all third parties before granting them access. 

Additionally, 61 percent of respondents say their third-party management program does not define or rank levels of risk. 63 percent say their organization doesn’t have visibility into the level of access and permissions for both internal and external users.

Joe Devine, CEO of SecureLink, offered comments with the release of the report. “The findings in this report showcase the lack of security, management, and accountability that’s needed to adequately secure third-party remote access, which is very worrying. While recent high-profile breaches have done a good job of highlighting the serious risks of unsecure vendor relationships, there is still a lot of work to be done to shift organizations’ mindset when it comes to protecting not only their data but their customer and partner data too.”

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Ben Canner