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Solutions Review: Problems Solved with SIEM Solutions

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Solutions Review: Problems Solved with SIEM Solutions

What are the problems solved by SIEM solutions? How can you recognize when you need a cybersecurity solution like SIEM? 

Before you can find the right solution, you need to understand the problem you’re trying to solve. Ideally, you actually want to identify multiple problems which a single solution can solve; too many IT environments struggle under the unnecessary weight of too many solutions trying to solve individual problems. 

It’s often easy to dismiss cybersecurity because it appears to solve only a single problem. However, this stems from a misunderstanding; cybersecurity isn’t just one problem but a series of problems your enterprise faces every day. 

So what problems end up solved with the addition of SIEM solutions? 

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Problems Solved with SIEM Solutions

Problem: Limited Network Visibility

One of the key problems in all cybersecurity stems from visibility. You cannot protect what you cannot see, and you cannot prevent attacks that go undetected. So maintaining constant visibility over your expanding IT environment should become a top priority, often easier said than done. 

These visibility problems are solved with SIEM solutions. At their core, SIEM solutions aggregate log information from across the IT environment, including from firewalls, databases, applications, and other cybersecurity solutions. This aggregated security event data is then normalized and analyzed to find potential breaches lurking just under the surface. In other words, it expands your visibility far beyond what it would normally see. 

Problem: Compliance Reporting Eats Up Time and Resources

Every business across every industry and under every government requires compliance reporting, especially when it comes to data privacy and security. Additionally, your business also needs to fill out mandatory compliance reporting, which often takes significant time and resources. 

The first wave of interest in SIEM solutions actually stemmed from its ability to assist with and automatically solve compliance reporting problems. In fact, almost all SIEM solutions come with out-of-the-box reporting for hundreds of compliance mandates and requirements. Additionally, it can automatically fill in those reports without human guidance, drastically reducing the amount of time your team needs to handle compliance challenges. 

Problem: Threat Hunting Has No Direction

Threat hunting is part of the modern model of enterprise cybersecurity. Prevention works, but it is limited by a constantly evolving threat landscape. It’s the difference between a hard perimeter and a tough perimeter. A hard perimeter might be difficult to penetrate but it can be shattered with the right force applied in the right way. A tough perimeter, exemplified by the detection and incident response model, might not immediately deter attacks but can take more hits without substantial damage. 

But where should you focus your threat hunting efforts? How should you direct your IT security team? How do you avoid going down wrong paths that waste time and money? 

These problems end up solved by SIEM solutions through the same log management tool we discussed above. Log management scans aggregated data for security events worth investigating. If it finds one, it can send out an alert to your IT security team; this alert directs threat hunting and investigations. With contextualization, your team can also determine whether the alert is genuine or whether it is most likely a false positive, thereby saving more time and energy. 

These examples only skim the surface of the problems solved with SIEM solutions. For more information, check out the Buyer’s Guide

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