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Swimlane Launches Swimlane Cloud for Cloud-Based Security Automation

Swimlane Launches Swimlane Cloud for Cloud-Based Security Automation
Swimlane Launches Swimlane Cloud for Cloud-Based Security Automation

Source: Swimlane

Swimlane is launching Swimlane Cloud as a cloud-based, low-code security automation platform. The solution delivers tools for automated development across your IT stack through flexible deployment options. This offering is globally available through Swimlane’s channel partners, managed security service providers, and value-added resellers.

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Swimlane’s SOAR platform focuses on the orchestration and automation of existing enterprise security controls and rote tasks. It can interact with hundreds of APIs from an organization’s existing technology stack. Swimlane even lets you reuse existing scripts, and customers can develop playbooks that visually represent complicated security operations workflows via drag-and-drop. The tool’s analytics and automation can be incorporated into security operations as well.

This new service combines Swimlane’s security automation capabilities with application development tools — all through a cloud-based interface. Users gain access to Swimlane’s visual tools for use case development, with the solution able to integrate with a multitude of IT and security tools through a rapid integration framework. Swimlane Cloud can be deployed through a SaaS, cloud, on-premises, air-gapped, or hybrid model depending on the customer’s needs.

In the company’s press release, Swimlane Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Cody Cornell stated: “Today, every company is a technology company and at the same time, security is having an unprecedented impact on businesses and their bottom line, making cybersecurity a company-wide issue. With this launch, we enable anyone at any organization to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the protection of the organizations, all while reducing the level of effort and total cost of ownership in achieving what was previously impossible security goals.”

Learn more about Swimlane Cloud here.

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