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The Highest-Rated Books for SIEM Engineers Available on Amazon

The Highest-Rated Books for SIEM Engineers Available on Amazon

The Highest-Rated Books for SIEM Engineers Available on Amazon

Solutions Review finds the Highest-Rated Books for SIEM Engineers available on Amazon right now. You need to add these to your collection today. 

Solutions Review frequently shares our finds for essential cybersecurity titles and books every InfoSec professional and IT security team should have on the shelf. Here’s one of our lists.

For this list, we wanted to zoom in on a specific cybersecurity profession- Security Analysts – – and share the highest-rated titles on the subject. These books qualify for this list by being well-suited for security analysts and having a four-star rating on Amazon at minimum. 

These books are intended for beginners and experts alike and are written by authors with proficiency and/or recognition in the field of cybersecurity. 

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The Highest-Rated Books for SIEM Engineers

Book Title: Logging and Log Management: The Authoritative Guide to Understanding the Concepts Surrounding Logging and Log Management 

Our Take: Dr. Anton Chuvakin is a recognized security expert in the field of log
management and PCI DSS compliance. Alongside other experts, they present critical log management best practices. 

Description: The book consists of 22 chapters that cover the basics of log data; log data sources; log storage technologies; a case study on how Syslog-ng is deployed in a real environment for log collection; covert logging; planning and preparing for the analysis log data; simple analysis techniques; and tools and techniques for reviewing logs for potential problems. The book also discusses statistical analysis; log data mining; visualizing log data; logging laws and logging mistakes; open-source and commercial toolsets for log data collection and analysis; log management procedures and attacks against logging systems.

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Book Title: Blue Team Handbook: SOC, SIEM, and Threat Hunting (V1.02): A Condensed Guide for the Security Operations Team and Threat Hunter

Our Take: Don Murdoch has over 17 years of information and network security experience, ranging from intrusion detection and response to establishing an MSSP. He provides key insights. 

Description: The author shares his fifteen years of experience with SIEMs and security operations is a no-frills, just information format. Don Murdoch has implemented five major platforms, integrated over one hundred data sources into various platforms, and ran an MSSP practice for two years. This book covers the topics below using a “zero fluff” approach as if you hired him as a security consultant and were sitting across the table with him (or her). The book begins with a discussion for professionals to help them build a successful business case and a project plan, decide on SOC tier models, anticipate and answer tough questions you need to consider when proposing a SOC, and considerations in building a logging infrastructure.

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Book Title: Security Operations Center – SIEM Use Cases and Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our Take: Arun Thomas holds Multiple Information Security patents and 28+ Professional IT certifications including CISSP concentrations. He is the Chief Security Architect & CTO of NetSentries Technologies. 

Description: The main purpose of implementing a Cyber threat intelligence(CTI) program is to prepare businesses to gain awareness of cyber threats and implement adequate defenses before disaster strikes. Threat Intelligence is the knowledge that helps Enterprises make informed decisions about defending against current and future security threats. This book is a complete practical guide to understanding, planning, and building an effective Cyber Threat Intelligence program within an organization. This book is a must-read for any Security or IT professional with mid to advanced level of skills.

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Book Title: Cybersecurity Essentials

Our Take: The authors are members of Educational Technologies Group Inc. or operate in cybersecurity Their combined expertise should prove beneficial. 

Description: Cybersecurity Essentials provides a comprehensive introduction to the field, with expert coverage of essential topics required for entry-level cybersecurity certifications. An effective defense consists of four distinct challenges: securing the infrastructure, securing devices, securing local networks, and securing the perimeter. Overcoming these challenges requires a detailed understanding of the concepts and practices within each realm. This book covers each challenge individually for greater depth of information, with real-world scenarios that show what vulnerabilities look like in everyday computing scenarios. Each part concludes with a summary of key concepts, review questions, and hands-on exercises, allowing you to test your understanding while exercising your new critical skills.

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Book Title: Crafting the InfoSec Playbook: Security Monitoring and Incident Response Master Plan

Our Take: The authors of this particular text come from information security investigation backgrounds, with exactly the experience your SOC can benefit from. 

Description: This practical book demonstrates a data-centric approach to distilling complex security monitoring, incident response, and threat analysis ideas into their most basic elements. You’ll learn how to develop your own threat intelligence and incident detection strategy, rather than depend on security tools alone. Written by members of Cisco’s Computer Security Incident Response Team, this book shows IT and information security professionals how to create an InfoSec playbook by developing strategy, technique, and architecture.

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Book Title: Cybersecurity Threats, Malware Trends, and Strategies: Learn to mitigate exploits, malware, phishing, and other social engineering attacks

Our Take: Tim Rains worked at Microsoft for the better part of two decades where he held a number of roles including Global Chief Security Advisor, Director of Security, Identity and Enterprise Mobility, and Director of Trustworthy Computing.

Description: Cybersecurity Threats, Malware Trends, and Strategies offers an unprecedented long-term view of the global threat landscape by examining the twenty-year trend in vulnerability disclosures and exploitation, nearly a decade of regional differences in malware infections, the socio-economic factors that underpin them, and how global malware has evolved. This will give you further perspectives into malware protection for your organization. It also examines internet-based threats that CISOs should be aware of.

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Those are our picks for the highest-rated books for SIEM engineers available on Amazon now. For more, check out the SIEM, SOAR, and MDR Buyer’s Guides.

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