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VIDEO: CxO Perspectives on Big Data Security

Want to know what C-level executives  have to say about the burgeoning big data security analytics industry? Check out The Industry Council for Competitiveness and Globalization’s new series: The Fortune 1000 CxO Roundup.

In this series, Fortune 1000 CxOs share their enterprise strategies for competing and winning in the global economy. The range of topics covered includes big data governance, enterprise mobility, and portfolio management. The Goal of the interviews is the creation of a virtual CxO knowledge pool, so, as moderator Ellis Booker of Information Week puts it, “CxOs can learn from each other, and not have to reinvent the wheel.”

In this twelve-minute video, Booker speaks to various CXO’s talk about data security with a focus on big data security, data integrity, and data accuracy.

CxOs interviewed include Cassi Birnbaum, President & Board Chair AHIMA, Ken Lawonn, CIO, Sharp Healthcare, Dave Silberstein, Executive Director Analytics, Leidos Health, and ShanJi Xiong, SVP Data Analytics, Experian.


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