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What Managed Security Services Can Offer Enterprises

Findings - The Forrester Wave: Managed Detection And Response, Q1 2021

What Managed Security Services Can Offer Enterprises

No one can understate the potential benefits of managed security services for enterprises. Their capabilities can help businesses of all sizes fulfill their cybersecurity needs and mandates. But why is this the case? What do managed security services offer enterprises of all sizes? 

Managed security services work to alleviate to two principal issues facing enterprises today: human error and limited cybersecurity staffing. Unfortunately, human error causes the overwhelming majority of data breaches. While employees and users can act maliciously, most human error occurs due to negligence. An employee clicks on a malicious link in a phishing email, and suddenly your enterprise suffers from a breach. 

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Therefore, every employee constitutes an attack vector for potential hackers…which makes your attack surface the size of your workforce. Obviously, this can overwhelm most enterprise IT security teams without assistance. 

Additionally, managed security services for businesses helps alleviate the burden of the cybersecurity staffing crisis. Currently, enterprises face over three and a half million unfilled cybersecurity job openings; a perpetual shortage of talented IT security keeps enterprises from achieving their cybersecurity goals. Moreover, building a twenty-four-hour security operations center proves costly when considering the limits of talented individuals.

Of course, these aren’t the only issues handled by managed security services for enterprises. They also deal with a constantly growing and evolving threat landscape and scaling IT business infrastructure. 

How does it accomplish all of this? 

What Do Managed Security Services for Enterprises Do?   

Managed security services work to alleviate the problem created by missing IT security talent through third-party services. In fact, managed security services for enterprises operate through third-parties to conduct cybersecurity monitoring and management. 

Thus, it conducts incident detection and response, as well as incident containment. Importantly, these managed security services can operate twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If your IT security team tried to maintain that schedule, they would quickly suffer burnout.

Yet having around-the-clock monitoring proves essential for protecting your databases and servers from hackers. After all, hackers could strike at any hour, and may plan their attacks to take advantage of lapses in monitoring. Moreover, active threat hunting could uncover dwelling threats lurking in your network.        

Also, you can receive these services onsite or remotely through the cloud or hybrid environments. They can serve as your IT security team or work alongside them by filling in the night-shift, so to speak.

Where Can Managed Security Help You The Most?

Managed security services benefit businesses by removing the burden off your IT security team. For example, it can help with solution deployment, prioritization, uptime, threat hunting, and incident response. In other words, it effectively automates processes that you can’t automate with your SIEM solution

Of course, your enterprise should still avail itself of a strong SIEM solution, even with a managed security service. Indeed, managed security services for enterprises can help deploy, manage, and maintain SIEM solutions. Also, plenty of SIEM providers also offer managed services.

Make no mistake, you need SIEM. It offers the log management, threat detection, and compliance capabilities necessary for modern cybersecurity. You can learn more about them in our SIEM Buyer’s Guide

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