Why SOAR’s Greatest Asset May Be Security Centralization

Why SOAR's Greatest Asset May Be Security Centralization

Why is SOAR’s (security orchestration automation and response) greatest asset security centralization for your business (also called orchestration)? 

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Of course, your business may face numerous potential challenges in its cybersecurity and in its workflows in general. But one of the most critical challenges involves knowing all of the tools at your disposal and utilizing all of them to their maximum advantage. 

Cybersecurity experts constantly point out that using too many solutions to solve your cybersecurity challenges can put unnecessary and in fact counterproductive; too many solutions can result in security gaps and vulnerabilities resulting from integration failures. 

However, your enterprise also needs a strong, multifaceted cybersecurity platform, and therein lies the rub; a single solution by itself can’t provide your business with all of the cybersecurity needs you face. SIEM by itself offers incredible threat detection capabilities, but without tools to aggregate files from like authentication and firewalls, its effectiveness can prove more limited. 

So you need multiple solutions, drawing from endpoint security, identity management, and SIEM alike. But now the question becomes: how can your business orchestrate all of these solutions together. How can you make smart incident response choices and find connected threat indicators if the solutions lack the ability to communicate with each other and you? 

That’s where SOAR steps in with its security centralization capabilities, possibly becoming a key asset to your business. It unifies all of the security data accumulated by your other cybersecurity tools and presents them in a single pane of glass. 

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Ben Canner