The Wireless LAN Market is on the Rise due to a few Contributing Factors

Wireless LAN Sales on the RiseA recent report by the Dell’Oro Group highlights the growth that the IT industry is seeing in Wireless LAN solutions. This growth has resulted in record revenue numbers in the third quarter of 2012. So what’s all this hustle and bustle about around wireless LAN solutions? One obvious trend that is pushing the meter up for the likes of Cisco, HP,Arubaand others is the growth of enterprise mobility and the increase of devices access networks.

The Dell’Oro report highlights and outlines three specific trends that align with enterprise mobility that are also causing a growth in wireless LAN market. “Three trends are now driving faster-than-industry growth in the enterprise WLAN segment – devices that are cloud-managed, those optimized for use by Service Providers, and systems that leverage software to integrate wireless and wired infrastructures, “explained Chris DePuy, Analyst of Wireless LAN research at Dell’Oro Group. “We see vendors focusing innovation dollars and marketing efforts to aggressively pursue these three areas”

With a 19 percent revenue growth across the wireless LAN segment Cisco still seems to hold the majority of the market with Aruba and HP following. Click here to find out more about the report and the state of the wireless LAN market.