Appcelerator Acquires Nodeable

Appcelerator Acquires NodableThe Mobile Application Development Platform company Appcelerator announced on November 7, 2012 that they are acquiring Nodeable, which offers big data analytics for Hadoop. Appcelerator will now have StreamReduce, Nodeable’s cloud-hosted real-time data analytics product as a result. According to TechCrunch, StreamReduce can process and analyze raw data in real-time, in order to discover trends, summaries and anomalies that could increase efficiencies in data-driven businesses.

Sarah Perez at TechCrunch believes that this will help Appcelerator “round out its Enterprise Mobile Cloud offerings, which include real-time data processing, analytics, and enterprise data integration tools for business customers.” Jeff Haynie, CEO at Appcelerator apparently agrees, TechCrunch reports Jeff explaining that his company’s enterprise customers are in need of a a better way to analyze the large volume of data coming in through their applications.

The result is that businesses who are interested in adding mobility to their workflow now have a solution set from Appcelerator that will offer the ability to analyze and optimize mobile traffic.

This is the fourth acquisition by Appcelerator so far, having gobbled up Aptana in January of 2011, Particle Code in October of 2011 and Cocoafish in January 2012, adding expertise in enterprise-grade IDE capabilities, HTML5 and  cross-platform backend services and features, respectively.

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