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The 5 Most In Demand Coding Languages

The world of programming is always in flux. It’s been estimated that there are currently some 300 different programming languages. With that astounding number, and the fact that languages are frequently shifting and giving rise to new tool sets, it’s nearly impossible to keep up.

That’s why we’ve decided to narrow down the amount of languages to the ones that we felt were the most relevant and in-demand in today’s marketplace. While some of these are old dogs in the programming world, they’ve proven themselves to stand the test of time and have shown that they’re just as important as they were at the day of their design.

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Java is quite possibly the most famous of programming languages, with even non-coders having some degree of familiarity with it. The language is used by roughly 9 million developers and is run on 7 billion devices across the globe. Java’s popularity could be contributed to its highly readable and simplistic nature, and if you’re wondering why the language has boasted such incredible staying power, look no further than Java’s long term compatibility. This ensures that even older applications continue to work well into the future. Java is used across some of the world’s most popular websites including Netflix and Amazon.


Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript is a powerful scripting language and an excellent way to spice up a drab webpages with animations, effects, pop-ups, and interactive games. JavaScript is compatible across all browsers and is used in over 90 percent of all web pages. The language has also become the foundation for Node.js, an event based server technology.


SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language that’s found almost everywhere. This language is a database query language that’s ideal when discussing big data and analytics. SQL allows users to communicate with and manipulate databases and pull relevant data from these databases.


C++ is a general purpose objective-oriented language built on the earlier ‘ C”. First released in 1983, C++ is responsible for Adobe and Microsoft and Adobe applications and a significant portion of the Mac operating system. This is one of the best languages to learn for performance-critical applications such as game development or audio/video processing.


If you’re looking to get into coding, chances are, you’re pretty damn familiar with Python. After all, it’s just recently replaced Java as the language of choice of introductory programming courses. That being said, you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss Python as kiddie stuff. Python has serious applications for even the most seasoned coders. Python’s a versatile embedded scripting language and a preferred choice for automating tasks, programming desktop tools, and performing data science and computation activities.

Doug Atkinson

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