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The Top 10 User Experience Blogs You Need to Follow in 2017

Top UX Blogs

User experience is essential to the success or failure of an enterprise application. Without an easy to navigate and use design, you’re application will ultimately fail to gain traction in your workplace. Perfecting the ins and outs of user experience isn’t something you can learn in afternoon though, and oftentimes, it helps to learn from the pros. Below, we’ve collected a list of the top ten blogs for learning and mastering the art of user experience.

UX Magazine

UX Magazine discusses the latest in design and UX strategy as one of the only fully fledged UX magazines on the market. The publication builds a sense of community by offering location based listings for conferences, workshops, talks, classes, and more.


You can think of Awwwards as a meeting space for UX and web professionals. At Awwwards, there’s enough room for debate, constructive criticism, and idea sharing. In addition, the site features tons of great posts featuring advice on web development, graphic design, user experience, user interfaces, and much more.

Ideation and Design

This blog is run by a serious expert in the mobile design world, Luke Wroblewski, and includes conference notes, how-to-videos, and general informative UX articles. Th blog usually features notes from at least one conference per month and also includes an extensive library of videos.

52 Weeks of User Experience

Even though this blog had a short run (2010-2011) it still provides a treasure trove of informative and relevant user experience and user interface discussions. The blog offers tons of fascinating information about both human behavior and how people interact with a range of interfaces.

Boxes and Arrows

Boxes and Arrows devotes itself to the practice and discussion of design; including graphic design, information architecture, interaction design and more. The blog’s been around since 2001 and has been a peer written journal promoting contributors looking to spread new and exciting ideas in the world of user experience.

User Testing Blog

This blog pulls features articles on both web and application user experience. From compiling the best resources for the UX nerd to excellent best-practice features, User testing Blog is sure to come in handy.

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Usabilla is a Dutch company that looks to help companies improve their websites and applications with a focus on user experience and user feedback. The Usabilla blog features articles on user engagement, design, and User experience research.

Neilson Norman Group

The Nielson Norman Group is a major voice in the world of usability. On their blog, they’ve posted a number of best practice articles and discussions on everything UX related.


DesignModo is an extensive website covering user experience from a range of perspectives including the aesthetic, business, and psychological elements of UX. This site is pretty unique in the User Experience world because it’s equally useful for both beginners and veteran designers.


Having been around since 2003, Design Shack has proven itself as a master of user interface and experience. The site displays some of the most inspiring and well-thought web and application designs.

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