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5 Android Developers You Should Be Following in 2017

5 Android Developers You Should Be Following in 2017

5 Android Developers You Should Be Following

Behold, 5 Android Developers You Should Be Following in 2017!

For those looking for expert tips on Android or just want to run with the bleeding edge pack. Look no further than this installment of Android Developers. This list by no means suggests that those who aren’t on here are lesser in any way.

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Here are 5 top developers in the Android community to follow on Twitter.

Jake Wharton – @JakeWharton

Jake is a major contributor in the Android Community, recently with RxJava and RxAndroid. He’s been in the game since the beginning of Android and could be considered an oracle of sorts. You can visit his GitHub profile to see how consistent he truly is with his endeavors.

Chiu-Ki Chan – @chiuki

Chiu-Ki is a startup up veteran and former Google employee. She now has her own mobile development company, Square Island, and runs a popular Android YouTube channel called Android Dialogs. And to top it off she is a course author on Pluralsight and runs the 360|AnDev conference.

Lars Vogel – @vogella

Remember when you were a rookie Android developer looking for free online resources? Then you probably remember Vogella, by far one of the greatest Android resources out there for new developers. Vogel also is a champion of the Eclipse IDE, and one of the Android communities great teachers.

Donn Felker – @donnfelker

Fragmented Podcast co-host and founder of Castor IO Donn Felker is a best selling mobile development author with a passion to teach Android to anyone who’s willing to learn. His screencasts are very helpful to new developers as well as his books on the topic Android Application Development for Dummies, and Android Tablet Application Development for Dummies.

Kristin Marsicano – @kristinmars

Kristin is an Android developer and senior instructor at Big Nerd Ranch and co-author of Big Nerd Ranch Guide to Android Programming. When she’s not working on Android, she immerses herself in computer science academia, namely human-computer interaction, and participates in Google’s pursuit for a visual programming language.

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