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5 iOS Developers You Should Be Following in 2017

5 iOS Developers You Should Be Following in 2017

Behold, 5 iOS Developers You Should Be Following in 2017!

The iOS community is one of the fastest growing communities around. With Swift being on the rise as the most loved language among developers, it’s fitting to compile a short and sweet list of developers to keep an eye on. These developers have distinguished themselves from the rest through their contributions to the community.

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Here are 5 top developers in the iOS community to follow on Twitter.

Chris Lattner – @clattner_llvm

Chris Lattner is an Apple vet with over a decade in the game. His contributions helped create developer tools such as Xcode, Swift Playgrounds. and numerous debuggers and compilers. He also was an early shaper of the Swift language, adopting it back in 2010.

Natasha Murashev – @NatashaTheRobot

Natasha is a cyborg iOS engineer who runs his own self-titled development blog Natasha the Robot. He is a very active voice in the iOS community and currently runs a Swift Newsletter which is quite good.

Simon Ng – @simonng

If you haven’t heard of AppCoda then you might be living under a rock. Simon is an iOS expert, author of two fantastic books that serve as practical field guides into different features that can be implemented in apps. He’s also written a really good guide that dispels any irrational fear of auto-layout.

Ray Wenderlich – @rwenderlich

Ray runs an amazing website that provides learning resources for all levels of developers. He and his team have authored must-read books for swift developers like The Swift Apprentice, and tvOS Apprentice.

Chris Eidhof – @chriseidhof

Eidhof co-wrote Advanced Swift and Functional Swift, and runs a neat swift resource website He’s a great mentor for anyone just getting into Swift or in that intermediate phase where “taking things to the next level” becomes valid.

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