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Five Application Container Companies to Watch

Over the past couple years application containers have moved from being an exciting trend to a best practice. A recent survey from Forrester found that 31% of application developers have used containers or Docker in the past year. For such a new technology, that’s a pretty remarkable number.

It’s not hard to see why application containers have become some ubiquitous.By allowing software code to prepared in containers, code can easily and quickly be moved between environments and connected together to run a distributed application in the cloud. The container approach expedites the testing process and helps developers build large, scalable cloud applications.

With containers gaining so much traction in the world of application development, it’s worth taking note of the top container companies in the space. Between big names like Docker and up-and-comers like CoreOS, we’ve collected five names in application containerization worth keeping an eye on.


Having only been around for a few years, CoreOS is addressing storage issues with its new container project, Torus. That being said, the main project for this start-up is tectonic, a container, orchestration platform. CoreOS uses Linux containers to manage services at a high level of abstraction, with the end-goal of making the internet more secure.

Cluster HQ

Cluster HQ self-identifies as “container data people”. One of the container’s most popular products, Flocker, manages Docker containers and data volumes together. The tool migrates data along with containers as they change hosts, giving Ops teams the ability to run containerized services like databases in production.


With just over 12 employees, Twistlock has made quite a name for itself. These self identified “security geeks” are dedicated to make systems safer with years of experience. The company offers container protection well-known platforms such as Docker, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Native, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. The company’s two most popular products, ‘Run’ and ‘Trust” look to secure application containers, albeit in their own ways.

Rancher Labs

After starting in 2014, Rancher Labs has made its name in the container management and and orchestration space, having directed its attention towards DevOps teams focused on running containers in production. The company’s open source container management platform began running containers in production and has also helped the startup extend into the area of software-defined storage.


This container storage company claims that its servers can reduce infrastructure costs by up to 70 percent. While other containers have transformed app development. data storage has struggled to keep up. Portworx asserts that its storage offers speed because it’s delivered as a container itself.

Doug Atkinson

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