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Google Brings Firebase Deeper Into Cloud Platform

Google’s mobile app development platform, Firebase, recently received a significant update at the Google Cloud Next conference last week. The overall message of the conference was that Google is planning on bringing Firebase further into its cloud platform, adding support to Google Cloud Functions and support for all of the storage options that Google Cloud now offers.

One of the most important announcements made during the conference was surrounding the Cloud Functions integrations. While discussing the integration, Google said that it was the most requested feature from the Firebase community. The new SDKs offered, are highly capable and among other things listening to events from Firebase Analytics and initiating Cloud Functions based on those signals. Firebase Storage is now referred to as Cloud Storage for Firebase. It also provides support for Nearline and Coldline. Additionally, developers can choose the region that they wish to store their data in.

With Firebase Authentication, businesses could send a welcome email to new users, and clean up data from your Realtime Database that’s associated with a user if they delete their account. Businesses could also send a notification using FCM when data is written to the database and moderate or  remove abusive language that was written to the database as well. Lastly, Google Platform Terms of Service now covers Firebase, including all of its services like authentication, hosting, storage, functions, and the Firebase Test Lab. Firebase analytics will be moved under the Google Analytics Terms of Service in the near future.

Firebase is a complete MADP solution for building and maintaining applications for iOS, Android, and the web. The platform provides app developers with an SaaS back-end that allows them to bypass the trouble of building their own infrastructure. Instead, developers can focus on actually building their applications. Recently this year, Twitter’s Fabric team was acquired and integrated with Firebase to provide better analytics, application distribution, and identity and authentication solutions.


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