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How to Ensure Employees Enjoy Enterprise Apps

Not only do Enterprise apps need to be secure and functional, they also need to be enjoyable. While that might seem like the least important aspect of any enterprise app, it’s actually the most telling feature when it comes to app implementation and adoption.

The number one rule for app development is, if people don’t like an app, they’ll stop using it. And yes, this goes for the consumer world as well as the enterprise world. Shadow IT plays a big part in data becoming compromised by sitting in a public cloud like Google Drive or Dropbox. If your enterprise app isn’t convenient or easy to navigate, employees just won’t use it. Instead they’ll take their sensitive data to public apps and that’s where you have a problem. What’s the point in spending the time and money developing an app, when no one is going to use it?

According to an article by Bryan Jacquot for ProgrammableWeb, there are five major rules to consider when developing an enterprise app that will make the user experience much smoother and more enjoyable so employees won’t be tempted to use more familiar apps.

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Make it simple
– The more simple the design, the better. if you look at any popular consumer-grade app, the layout is simple with bigger buttons and an easy to navigate menu. This will also make the app more scalable. When there’s more data that needs to be included, just add it onto the menu instead of cramming data onto one page.

Make it look nice– It may seem like an after thought, but the way an app looks goes a long way. A sleek, clean well organized app will be seen as reliable and reflects the effort that was put into making it.

Make it easy to navigate– even though most people already know how to navigate apps and what to look for when they get lost, but it’s important to make sure that the navigation makes sense and follows the same pattern throughout. when adding on new sections, be sure that they are uniform.

Make it responsive– This app needs to be usable on all devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktops. All the components need to be responsive and operate the same on every size screen. Make sure that no zooming or panning needs to be done in order to read or navigate what is displayed on any given page.

Make it Accessible– make sure the app is available in several different languages and  can be used hands free.

Users expect a certain kind of experience from their apps because of all the well designed commercial apps they use. and even more so when they are apps they are being forced to use. Productivity increases and so does security when employees are satisfied.

Doug Atkinson

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