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Red Hat Moves to Support Containerized App Development

RedHat, a leading vendor in open source solutions have announced their mobile application platform as a completely containerized offering designed to run in any public cloud, private cloud, or on premise infrastructure that supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Combined with their SaaS based mobile application platform, organizations are now provided with a fuller set of deployment options to integrate, manage, and scale their mobile application projects to meet business needs.

The transition to a fully containerized platform is part of Red Hat’s plan to give users a single, integrated platform for modern application development that’s cloud native, mobile-centric, microservices based, and API driven. This generation of tools can also support development operations and agile processes to help businesses respond to changes in their digital enterprise.

Deployment of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform on Open Shift provides users with a common platform to support mobile workloads running alongside traditional enterprise applications that need to be moved to the cloud. The new function allowing for a fully supported on-premise deployment means that users can meet their unique management, regulatory, and policy requirements for the mobile application solutions.

Keeping with its commitment to open source, Red Hat has also announced the availability of workforce management modules as a tech preview. These javascript and Node,js modules can help quicken the creation of customized mobile workforce management solutions that can automate , optimize, and simplify field workforce processes. With these modules, businesses can build mobile applications more quickly and easily to drive greater efficiency in the field workforce operations.

Doug Atkinson

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