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SmartUX Can Turn your Old Enterprise Apps to Mobile

Up and coming tech company PowWow uses their SmartUX platform to turn legacy enterprise apps into modern and usable mobile apps. SmartUX just launched this past Wednesday and it uses machine learning to transition apps and does not use code. It lists the app’s core components and lists them into a drag and drop menu for placement. It also modifies the apps and transitions them into versions compatible with mobile devices and layout. The most important thing that SmartUX does for enterprises is that is preserves the security, business rules and integration of the apps.

According to an article by Katherine Noyes for IDG News Service, what makes this technology so profound to the enterprise world is that it’s powered by machine learning. Machine learning is technology that uses pattern recognition in order to learn the behaviors of apps without having to be programmed. This allows SmartUX the ability to divide the apps into categories for assembly in mobile.

Right now the enterprise app world is imbalanced. There are too many apps that need to be made and not nearly enough developers and programmers to make them. With tools like RMAD (rapid mobile app development) and now SmartUX, developers can focus on the back end and not have to worry about most of the front end development. Budgetary restrictions and the idea of moving away from a legacy app are huge factors in not developing new apps. Technology like this can bridge the gap and potentially save 70 percent in development costs.

“Enterprises are hungry for mobile apps to help them meet their digital workplace needs, but finding the budget to outsource development work or the labor in-house can be difficult, keeping them from taking advantage of the benefits of enterprise mobility,” said Kia Behnia, CEO, PowWow Mobile. “PowWow is the only company with the ability to transform Windows and Web-based legacy applications into smart, mobile apps — dramatically improving the user experience and the functionality along the way.”

Powwow’s SmartUX platform is first to market with smart roaming, and allows for a new set of connected experiences:

  • Smart roaming, allowing users to access the same session of a mobile app from different devices. This allows users to start entering information on one device (for example their laptop), and then to switch to a different device (for example their phone or tablet) and pick up exactly where they left off.
  • Multi-app workflows, allowing businesses to build in just what they need from numerous apps, simplifying processes for employees.
  • Support for a variety of phone, tablets, browsers and wearables.

Doug Atkinson

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