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Video Series: The Advantages of Developing a Bespoke Application

B60, UK Enterprise Application Developers, CEO Chris Williams and Senior Enterprise Consultant Pete Gatenby sat down to discuss the advantages of developing a bespoke application.

There are some advantages to developing an app using a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), which includes security features that have already been built in. However, these can be very specific and more often than not don’t fit in with business requirements.

This is where a bespoke app development route comes into play. We advise our clients to begin with Enterprise Mobility Consulting to look at a business’s overall mobile strategy prior to development. This helps identify the role mobile will play for a business and what types of apps are going to be deployed across the organisation.

‘Hero’ applications that are utilised across a large workforce need a great user experience. These types of apps are generally very complicated and complex and almost always need to be developed in a bespoke fashion.

Despite UX and UI improving on MEAP developments, it still seems to be its downfall. Employees expect a great user experience, just like the consumer apps they use on a day to day basis. If the enterprise app doesn’t provide a great user experience, businesses are going to struggle when it comes to the adoption and uptake of these applications.


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Doug Atkinson

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