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The 17 Best App Development Companies for Your Business in 2020

The 17 Best App Development Companies for Your Business in 2020

The 17 Best App Development Companies for Your Business in 2020

The current app development market is crowded, so it can be hard to identify the best app development companies. The internet is filled with agencies and firms that can code anything from cutting edge virtual reality video games, to complex analytics and predictive models rooted in AI. As the market continues to grow, it becomes more and more difficult to sort through the vast number of vendors and solutions. Some vendors take care of the entire process for you, others will hire out a portion of their employees, and yet others will offer project management and consulting.

There are several approaches to developing custom enterprise apps, and it’s important to identify what method works best for your organization. Are you experimenting with emerging technology? Do you need high quality UX/UI design with a focus on pleasing visuals? Do you want easy access to large amounts of data? What’s important is finding a vendor that works well with your business and addresses the core needs of your app.

Selecting the best enterprise app development vendor to work with can be a daunting task, and we’re here to help. That’s why our editors have compiled this list of the 17 best app development companies to consider if you are looking for a custom app for your business.

Note: Companies are listed in alphabetical order.

The 17 Best Application Development Companies for Your Business in 2020

ArcTouch designs and develops apps for iOS, Android, and Xamarin. They have also developed technology for conversational tools like Amazon Alexa and Facebook Messenger, as well as for smart TVs, smart cars, and wearables. ArcTouch is known for creating brand experiences that fully represent their clients. The firm is particularly interested in technology like augmented reality (AR), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain. With over a decade of app development experience, various enterprise packages, and a sizeable client base, consider checking out ArcTouch for you next custom app.

Dom & Tom is a team of award-winning developers, designers, and strategists that are passionate about creating digital solutions that add value to your business. They offer a variety of services including visual
design, user experience, strategy, iOS, Android, web development, and quality assurance. Application support continues through deployment and launch. Dom & Tom is well suited for Fortune 500 companies and other large enterprise organizations.

DMI uses the latest technology, UX/UI design, and development methodologies to deliver mobile applications across all devices and operating systems. Their HTML5 development tools allow a mobile website to be wrapped as an
application for major smartphone OS platforms including iOS, Windows, and Android. Many of today’s applications typically require integration to multiple backend systems and customer databases, and DMI has extensive experience in planning, designing, and implementing advanced solutions across many industries.

Fueled designs and develops mobile apps for both small and large companies, and focuses on branding, user experience, user interface, and polish. For startup endeavors, Fueled is ready to help clients start from scratch, or simply to help round out development in a particular area. Their apps have been featured in the Google Play and Apple App store dozens of times, and have drawn excellent reference customer reviews from past clients. This vendor is a good choice for organizations looking to develop a deep sense of partnership with their chosen vendor.

Fuzz Productions is made up of back-end programmers, systems engineers, iOS and Android specialists, and interactive web developers. They provide custom content management systems and intuitive dashboards as backend tools. This developer specializes in the field of emerging technology, and helps clients identify key audiences, and then generates app and website designs that engage those audiences and resonate across demographics to maximize effect and engagement. This vendor is a good choice for organizations that want Android and iOS apps, as well as those who are interested in wearable technology.

Gigster is a software development agency that delivers high-quality custom software at startup speed for enterprise companies. With proficiencies in artificial intelligence, web development, mobile development, and product design, Gigster’s team features a wide variety of professionals with deep industry experience. Their client list includes some of the most recognizable ecommerce and online payments brands in the world. Gigster’s Talent Network sets it apart from other vendors on this list.

hedgehog lab is a global product consultancy that designs and builds software applications, specializing in mobile app design and development. They are largely considered one of the top developers globally, and partner with businesses that value digital innovation, discovery, and exploration. The firm is currently undertaking projects that include mobile, web app, immersive, and innovation technology. hedgehog lab offers a comprehensive development pipeline, and is a worthwhile consideration for large enterprise organizations.

Intellectsoft has its hand in many different markets, including Mobile Device Management, Big Data, Cloud Computing, and App Development. Their expertise and personal touch in every stage of development results in full-scale mobile, tablet, and Intranet/Internet applications. Intellectsoft has an inclusive approach that fully involves developers, designers, and analysts to drive holistic development. The development team shares every step of the process with their clients to be sure that the application stays true to its brand and values.

Intersog offers full-cycle custom development and UX/UI design for native, hybrid iOS, and Android apps. They create apps that streamline internal processes and enhance mobile presence and customer loyalty. Intersog aims to sell and
showcase products to end users and potential investors that will bring better business value to campaigns and projects. They will help you understand what makes your mobile app more sustainable, downloadable, and profitable, as well as how to avoid negative retention statistics. Intersog has also been highly praised for its client support services.

The 17 Best Application Development Companies for Your Business in 2020

Mubaloo helps clients embrace large-scale transformation through mobile development. The firm’s mobile strategy consultants are experts in helping identify and prioritize opportunities for a variety of organizations. Marketing
knowledge, industry-specific insights, and complete immersion in their clients’ business empowers Mubaloo to deliver personalized roadmaps and solutions. Mubaloo’s project management team works collaboratively with external client teams to understand objectives and drive action from client feedback, allowing for quick application delivery.

Raizlabs provides a variety of application development services including those for iOS, Android, and mobile and web. They also offer strategic guidance, with an interest in experimental projects and the field of emerging technology. This vendor is focused on collaboration and creating a clear product development roadmap. Raizlabs has launched hundreds of popular apps, many ranking among the most popular in the App Store. Their client list includes many notable retail and entertainment brands as well. This vendor is a good choice for organizations looking for a development agency with a wide breadth of specialties and a deep focus on customer experience.

Small Planet aims to service clients in the smartphone and tablet space. They are located in Brooklyn, New York and currently have a full-time staff of  producers, graphic designers, illustrators, user experience experts, and mobile developers. They are known for their development skills in iOS and Android, as well as for their creativity and innovation in the space. Small Planet develops applications for all major platforms, but specializes in Apple and iOS products. Its products tend to be visually oriented, and are a recommended choice if you need an attractive, aesthetically-pleasing product.

Softeq is an established application development firm with a track record of enabling customers to hit their targets using emerging technologies and advanced features. They aim to provide an optimal workload breakdown and
team composition for every project, while taking into account the technological aspects and needs of their clients. Softeq also offers custom development services that enable customers to minimize their total cost of ownership and
balance resource utilization. Other mobile services offered include EMM and domain expertise.

Trio provides contracted high-quality, skills-verified software development resources to companies in the USA. Trio specializes in providing contract remote resources that operate within the client time-zone, with verified language skills and work-culture compatibility. Trio utilizes a flexible single-contract that enable clients to build virtual teams that adapt to every need in the project lifecycle. Allocating developers and teams to clients on a 1 to 1 basis, clients can manage their projects however they like with the added support of Trio’s in-house project managers.

Since 2007, WillowTree’s team of mobile strategists, UX/UI designers, and software engineers have delivered over 300 mobile solutions to some of the world’s leading enterprise and consumer-facing companies. The firm can prototype and launch applications that interface with existing devices and systems, and deliver media and entertainment experiences to any device. WillowTree re-engineers large field sales and service teams by leveraging mobile technologies, and has accumulated an expansive library of code.

YMediaLabs is a team of software developers and designers that offers a holistic approach to application development rooted in analytics and data science. YML provides research and data-driven design and iteration processes, as well as modern, relevant and innovative products. The firm was founded in 2009 and has
worked with both early-stage startups and notable brands and organizations. YML’s client list is expansive, and includes major companies from virtually every industry. This vendor is focused on innovation, emerging technology, and high quality CX.

The 17 Best Application Development Companies for Your Business in 2020

Since the advent of smartphones, Zco Corporation has created powerful custom software solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies alike. The firm offers veteran teams of dedicated programmers, engineers and artists that provide them the ability to create software of any scope or scale. From enterprise back-end systems to cutting edge augmented-reality games, Zco has established a reputation for itself as a reliable and innovative mobile software developer. This vendor offers competitive rates and has a reputation for reliably hitting project milestones.

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