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The Top 5 Mobile Application Developers

It seems that in these days of smartphone ubiquity everybody and their uncle knows someone in the mobile app development industry. This can be both a blessing and curse, if you don’t know where to look. With so many developers out there, it may seem impossible to separate the best of the bunch. However, this surplus of developers also allows for a healthy and competitive market, promoting new technology and avenues for new ideas! At Solution’s Review, we’ve assembled the top five mobile app developers we believe to be exceptional and took a look at what makes them stand out among the rest of the industry.

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This Charlottesville, Virginia based developer specializes in building mobile applications for all platforms, including both new and developing technologies. WiilowTree offers services such as mobile strategy, business process redesign, and experience design to help businesses establish initial ideas, mock-up designs, and drawings of their applications. After the design has been approved, this developer focuses on the user experience, one of the key components of a successful app. WillowTree’s offering of functions work well with the needs of any small to enterprise sized business. Their combination of mobile design and development, an ability to build across platforms, and an offering of high level security makes WillowTree one of the market leaders in the world of application development.

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LeewayHertz develops mobile applications for enterprises and allows organizations to implement their own mobile strategies. This developer works around their clients’ needs and not the other way around, building applications for Android, iPhone, and iPad, and with the support of cloud infrastructure. Through their expertise, the team informs clients about the full life cycle of each project and helps them to construct a road map to meet their business goals. LeewayHertz works with clients from the initial concept , all the way through design, development, and finally launch. Their support doesn’t stop there though; they provide assistance and maintenance, reading user reviews to make the needed adjustments to the app. During the company’s warranty period, they will fix any issues found with the application and update it on the store for no additional charge to the client.

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In addition to developing and designing well designed applications, Fueled also prides itself on it marketing and branding expertise. By working closely with their clients, Fueled combines the initial concept of a client’s application with their own accrued knowledge and experience with mobile and startups into successful product. After the completion of a business’ mobile app, Fueled stays with you to get your app noticed and also provides long term maintenance through a number of services. While working across modern platforms such as the iPhone and Android phones, Fueled also keeps one eye on the future, looking at platforms such as the VR Oculus Rift and wearables to see where the industry could be heading.

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July Systems

Founded in 2001, the India based July Systems is one of the preeminent pioneers within the mobile development industry, building applications with a heavy focus on user experience. Through its history, July has been able to stay ahead of the market curve by constantly looking for emerging technologies and trends in the world in the world of mobile applications. July has continued to grow since its foundation, providing support for some of the biggest known brands in the world through reliability, scalability, and technology. By bringing together various elements of the mobile ecosystem including network infrastructure providers, service providers, and business owners, July Systems has become of the best names in application development.


Intersog’s approach to app development revolves around their relationship to the client. They take in the client’s initial plan for the design of the application, while also offering their own insider perspective as well. Their experience in the industry gives historical input as to what is most likely to make an enterprise the most sustainable, downloadable, and profitable.  Intersog assists organizations with identifying the best platform for their application, functionality options, hosting requirements, app evolution, optimized retention, desired analytics and more. Through their seven step engagement program, Intersog stands by you from the introduction of your initial design, all the way through completion, and into release.

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