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The Year Ahead: Top Mobile App Trends for 2017

The Year Ahead: Top Mobile App Trends for 2017

In 2017, a majority of businesses are offering some form of a mobile application. With so many consumer’s relying on their smartphones throughout the day, it’d be foolish to look past the benefits of a well designed enterprise mobile application. That being said, building one isn’t always enough; businesses need to constantly monitor the latest trends and developments in the technology in order to keep up with their competitors. Take a look below at what mobile app trends we can expect in the coming year!

Location Based Services

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen an incredible rise in the popularity of location based services. As predicted by Juniper Research, by 2019 , $43.3 billion of all retail revenue will be generated by location based services. Location based resources allow retailers to bring the online and in-store experiences, gathering in-store data, offering location based push notifications, and more. To make your application as relevant as possible to customer experience.

Internet of Things

This is a big one. In the world of IoT, everything is connected through mobile access; that includes your home security, TV, and quite possibly, your toaster. If you’re looking to develop an application in the coming year, you may want to consider some degree of IoT capability. For developers, best IoT integrated applications will be able to communicate with and share data between smart-devices in one seamless and unified user experience.

Hybrid Development

While most developers still opt for native app development, consumer requirements for hybrid development are increasing. In a study conducted by Dynatrace, only 16% of app users would try to reboot an app more twice if it failed to work. That being said, providing a reliable and responsive product is key to ensuring a quality user experience. The trend towards hybrid app development can also be attributed to the popularity of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality

Last summer we saw something amazing happen. The release of Pokemon Go! proved that AR/VR applications are bound to transcend niche technology status and could reach mainstream popularity. The app caught our attention, and it certainly caught the attention of many others as well. Developers looking to build in 2017 may want to take a few lessons from the successes and failures of past AR/VR.

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