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Top Tips for Finding the Right Mobile App Developer

With the astronomical rise in personal devices being used in the workplace, enterprises are scrambling to build mobile applications to expedite business processes and strengthen communication. Mobile applications now occupy a critical role in maintaining efficiency and productivity in day-to-day business processes, while also improving business to consumer relations. But, while some organizations may choose to develop their own enterprise applications in-house, others may not have the skills or resources to do so. That being said, it’s important that the right talent is employed to undertake the project. Below, we’ve assembled some of the most helpful tips when looking to employee a third party mobile app developer.

Choose Quality Over Price

Trust us. It’s worth it. While you may occasionally be able to find the rare jewel in a pile of rocks, it’s simply not worth the risk. While price doesn’t necessarily equate to quality, you should prepare a healthy budget before beginning your search. Note that the cost of the job is likely to increase with the complexity of the application. The quality of the application should be of the highest concern to your company. Settling on a cheap developer can almost guarantee you some major long term headaches in terms of bugs and poor user interfaces.

Additionally, know what to expect from both freelancers and a verified mobile app development company. If you’re a large or mid-sized business looking to release a mobile application, you should almost certainly invest the extra buck into hiring a full development company. They’ll work according to your schedule, not the other way around. Furthermore, freelancers aren’t usually insured in the same way a app development company is, in case something were to go wrong.

Talk with Past Clients

This shouldn’t be any different than employing any other in-house talent. If the development company is like any other company, they’ll be smart enough to prominently feature phenomenal reviews across their site, and if you’re a savvy customer, you’ll know not to take the bait so quickly.

Do your research on the company and ask for a list of past clients. This means consulting with past clients and hearing their stories, to gauge whether this vendor has the skills and experience required. Listen for both the advantages to working with this developer in addition to the troubles. With a more complete understanding of the business you’ll be more prepared to make an effective decision.


Take a Test Driveapp-developer

You wouldn’t buy a car without giving it a test drive first and you wouldn’t be a house without attending a couple open-houses, right? The same approach applies to hiring a developer. Look for similar applications the vendor has developed, and give them a bit of a test drive. How do they match the standards you’ve set for you own enterprise application. If you have any criticisms or concerns regarding their work, be sure to take note and discuss them with the developer. Don’t count out any developer because of a few small issues. Instead, listen to their take on what what went wrong, and what steps they’ve taken since then to improve their development process.

Seek Out the Best Warranty Clauses

A company’s confidence about their work doesn’t always translate to a good product, although it does carry some weight. If you’re on the fence between a few promising developers, check out their warranty clauses. These warranties can keep the developer on task by ensuring that they stay within the budget and deliver the application in a timely manner. Some companies may even offer warranties that guarantee that they’ll fix any bugs found in the application further down the road.

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