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Writing the Best Possible Mobile App RFP

While each individual RFP should be tailored to fit the needs of your company, there are a couple best practices you can employ to weed out unqualified vendors and ensure that you find the most qualified developers for the job. The final document should be both concise and structured, with enough room for questions, attachments, and comments. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most sure-fire ways to developing a stronger Request for Proposal.

To begin, your RFP should be focused on more than just the application itself. This is because it’s highly common that you will need only application development service. When organizations start to become too involved with the small details, they start to lose track of the bigger picture. You should begin to ask yourself whether the project will require APIs to connect with other services, or whether you will need a back end server as well. By considering these questions, you may be more prepared to write a more detailed RFP that will bring in more relevant responses.

Your mobile application RFP should discuss the time after the application has been delivered. A good developer will provide maintenance and support well after the completion of the application in order to avoid your application becoming outdated shortly after launch.

If you’re apprehensive about including a budget range in your RFP, you should be cognizant of the fact that budgets have the ability to easily filter the good fits from the bad very early on in the search process. Because the range in mobile agencies is so large, from somebody building apps as a side gig to huge development teams, establishing a budget will really help you narrow down your search. Mobile application agencies often provide a number of services from consultancy to app delivery. If you submit an RFP for app development but haven’t established a strong idea of what you’re looking for in the app, the time it takes to build the app will be significantly longer, and thus more expensive. If this is the case you should utilize the vendor’s consultancy offerings. You should know exactly what you need built, what features are crucial, what platforms is the app to be deployed on, and what are some of the marketing goals.

A complete RFP sets the foundation for a great mobile application project. The more thought you put into your RFP, the more likely you will be to find a developer that fits the requirements and constraints of your application.

Doug Atkinson

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