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AWS Auto Scaling Unveiled for Cloud Applications

AWS Auto Scaling Unveiled for Cloud Applications

One of the key reasons people have decided to switch to cloud computing is the potential of scaling. There is no longer a need to dedicate significant resources to infrastructure, as you can scale up and scale down whenever needed. This has typically applied to server capacity but adding this to other services is invaluable.

Cloud service provider AWS has recently revealed a new feature improving its cloud platform, they’ve called it AWS Auto Scaling. This software consolidates many of their already existing services including, ECS tasks, DynamoDB tables, Aurora Replicas, etc. This is incredibly beneficial, as it makes using AWS much easier going forward. Many companies use AWS services due to the simplicity and diversity of the programs offered. Before this update, the scaling of different AWS services was done independently. Now, all it takes is opening the simple Auto Scaling Console and users can change the scaling to what they need.

The official release, written by Jeff Barr, states:
“You no longer need to set up alarms and scaling actions for each resource and each service. Instead, you simply point AWS Auto Scaling at your application and select the services and resources of interest. Then you select the desired scaling option for each one, and AWS Auto Scaling will do the rest, helping you to discover the scalable resources and then creating a scaling plan that addresses the resources of interest.”

The scaling provided by this update is incredibly diverse in its options. You can optimize for availability, costs, or anywhere in between. It is also completely customizable. This is exactly what cloud platforms are about, making it easier to manage your resources and scale accordingly.

The AWS Auto Scaling platform is available now, and it’s free! You will only need to pay a fee for creating CloudWatch Alarms. The release states that this is just the first step in what they plan to be an innovative year for the AWS cloud platform.

We encourage you to read the full release.

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