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Quorum: 90% of IT Leaders Looking to Cloud for Backup and Recovery in 2017


Today, Quorum, disaster recovery and business continuity solution providers released a key study called, “The State of Disaster Recovery 2016”, revealing current and future IT spend on disaster recovery, backup and recovery products. This is a collection of over 250 CIOs, CTOs and VP of ITs thoughts on ten different aspects of their current backup and recovery architectures and what they are looking to change. This study also dives into significant statistics on challenges in complexity, speed of recovery, risks, biggest fears  and current sentiment on how DR products can be better for customers. It is clear that businesses of all sizes have their in the cloud to accelerate recovery with less spend and be prepared for when trouble arises.

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“As more organizations explore cloud-backup and recovery, they are finding ways to accelerate recovery while minimizing costs.” said Darin Pendergraft, VP of Product. “This study’s biggest value is it gives a customer centric look into where this industry is headed in the next month, next year and into the future”.

Five of the ten key findings of this study:

    • 39% of respondents are currently using cloud based only with 36% using a hybrid approach. 24% still using on premise disaster recovery architecture.
    • 89% of IT leaders are planning in implementing more cloud based disaster recovery in the next year.
    • 80% of IT leaders say it takes more than an hour to recover from a server failure, with more than 25% saying they need more than two hours. The catch is that 98% of IT leaders believe that speed of recovery plays an important role, with over 70% claiming it’s extremely critical to their business.
    • Over 50% of IT leaders are most worried about security threats over other disruptions including hardware failure, backup disk corruption, natural disasters, power outages and human error.
    • 64% of respondents are using more than 3 different disaster recovery solutions, with 26% using over 5 different products. The catch is that 90% of respondents would like to consolidate their disaster recovery solutions into one dashboard.

“It is clear the right strategies and solutions are available and IT leaders have their eyes on a future of faster recovery and stronger security” said Jason Snook, Systems Engineer “Automated testing allows for faster recovery and the customers we talk to view encryption for all of their backup data as the new standard and foundation to their security posture.”

The full report is free to view and can be found here:

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