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Acronis Acquires Cloud Management Company, 5nine

Acronis Acquires Cloud Management Company, 5nine

Acronis Acquires Cloud Management Company, 5nineData protection solution provider, Acronis, has announced the acquisition of 5nine. The acquired company is a global provider of end-to-end solutions for Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as the first and only agentless, multilayered security solution for Hyper-V and Azure. As part of the agreement, 5nine will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Acronis. 

Acronis will integrate 5nine’s technology into the Acronis Cyber Platform, which will create new services that will be available through the Acronis Cyber Cloud Solutions portal. Solutions from 5nine will give managed service providers and IT organizations the ability to simplify cloud service orchestration and manage their customers’ needs.

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In a press statement, Karen Armor, Chief Executive Officer at 5nine said, “by combining with Acronis, we will be able to accelerate product innovation, expand our distribution channel, and leverage our existing technology to meet customer requirements. With the knowledge gained from almost a decade of experience managing and protecting Microsoft virtual machines on behalf of our customers, we are certain that this acquisition will drive cloud adoption and ensure secure and reliable cloud infrastructure deployments worldwide.”

With 5nine, Acronis will provide users and partners with a simpler way to migrate workloads from their physical or virtual infrastructure to Acronis Cyber Infrastructure, Microsoft Azure or both. 5nine’s ability to bring together cloud migration, management, monitoring, and workload and management tools allows users to ensure the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security of all data, systems, and applications.

Acronis Founder and CEO, Serguei “SB” Beloussov added, “by adding 5nine’s solutions to our portfolio of cyber protection products and services, we’re giving our partners and customers an easy way to adopt the Microsoft hybrid cloud platform. With a combined solution, organizations will be able to migrate all or select workloads to the cloud and then manage both on-premises and cloud virtual machines with a single interface. We envision combining the functionality of the two solutions by extending Acronis’ easy-to-use, single pane of glass, resulting in IT administrators monitoring, managing, and ensuring cyber protection for all workloads, regardless of their location.”

To read Acronis’ full press release, click here.

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