Altaro Users Can Now Back Up and Restore Their Office 365 Mailboxes

Altaro Users Can Now Back Up and Restore Their Office 365 MailboxesRecently launched by the backup solution provider, Altaro, Altaro Office 365 Backup allows customers to back up and restore all their company’s Office 365 mailboxes on an annual subscription. The solution automatically backs up Office 365 mailboxes to a secure cloud backup location on Altaro’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Additionally, the platform enables users to manage and monitor their backups centrally through a cloud-based management console.

Altaro entered the Office 365 backup market within the last few months, with its solution that allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide their customers with Office 365 backup, recovery, and mailbox backup storage services. The channel-focused company is now also extending this solution for use by businesses and organizations who do not choose to subscribe to an MSP model, as well as to the IT consultants and resellers that service them.

In a press statement, CEO of Altaro, David Vella said, “many Office 365 subscribers wrongly assume that their data is backed up as part of the Microsoft package – but this is not the case, as Office 365 was not intended to be a data protection tool. This means several organizations out there are currently vulnerable to data loss risks. This is where Altaro Office 365 Backup comes in, providing robust backup, recovery, and backup storage and management services that customers can rely on. We’ve built on our backup expertise and proven track record in the industry to help set Office 365 subscribers’ minds at rest.”

As a part of their data protection strategy, it is essential that businesses back up their Office 365 mailboxes. Microsoft does not back up Office 365 subscriber data, so organizations are at risk of losing critical data as a result of malicious or accidental incidents, including mailbox deletion and malware attacks.

To read Altaro’s full press release, click here.

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