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Bacula Systems Release New Backup and Recovery Enterprise Software

Bacula Systems Release New Backup and Recovery Enterprise Software

Bacula Systems Release New Backup and Recovery Enterprise SoftwareIn order to increase its leadership in high-performance backup and recovery for enterprises and managed service providers, Bacula Systems recently announced Bacula Enterprise 12. The solution offers a range of new features, including Client Behind Nat and Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Modules bundled at no extra cost to its users. This corresponds with Bacula’s announcement last month to provide its new Docker module at no cost to customers of Bronze level subscriptions and above. This is the most recent in a series of significant technology announcements that Bacula Systems is making in the first half of 2019, continuing its growth in the enterprise data backup and recovery space.

Some of the new capabilities of Bacula Enterprise 12 are:

  • Continuous Data Protection
  • Client behind NAT (for backing up remote devices)
  • Clustered Proxmox integration
  • Automated security features
  • Graphite Dashboard added to the graphic interface
  • Android file daemon and GUI
  • SAP (Sybase) ASE Module
  • MySQL Percona Module
  • Docker Module
  • KVM plugin with Debian
  • NDMP Support for DELL/EMC

In a press statement, CEO of Bacula Systems, Frank Barker said, “Bacula Enterprise is the most flexible, feature-rich backup and recovery solution in the world. In addition to our technical leadership, our policy of continually adding value to customers as evidenced by free Docker, free CDP, and no data volume charges also gives us a leading price-point advantage.”

Technical Supervisor of SportsCentral Engineering at Turner Studios, Andrue Netcher, also added, “the overall advantages we get from using Bacula over other solutions are the ability to tweak it to exactly fit our needs, keeping a cap on costs and getting great support from Bacula Systems’ engineers.”

Bacula Enterprise software is designed so that businesses can deploy the solution for their entire physical, virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments, regardless of architecture, all from a single platform. Additionally, Bacula Systems customers include Texas A&M University, NASA, Sky, Swisscom, and more.

To read Bacula Systems’ full press release, click here.

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