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Cobalt Iron Earns Patent for Automatic, Dynamic Data Collection

Cobalt Iron Earns Patent For Authorization Control and Threat Response

Cobalt Iron Earns Patent for Automatic, Dynamic Data CollectionCobalt Iron Inc. recently announced that it has been granted a US patent entitled “Data Protection Automatic Optimization System and Method.” Issued on January 12, 2021, US Patent #10891200 described new capabilities for the Cobalt Iron Compass enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) backup platform that allows for automatic and dynamic adjustment to data collection activities in response to an identified event or condition.

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Cobalt Iron’s flagship SaaS-based backup solution, Compass, reduces complexity and the amount of time spent on backup. Additionally, the software improves overall data protection performance. The enterprise data protection platform offers four main product components: Commander, Analytics Engine, Accelerators, and Accelerator Operating System. With this solution, users can access a range of analytics, driven data management capabilities through a unified web user experience. Additionally, the solution offers ransomware detection, alerting and notification, remediation capabilities, and is available in AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, and Alibaba.

This new patent addresses a large and often unmet requirement for data collection and monitoring in the enterprise backup space. Enterprise backup is made up of many components, including backup servers, backup server operating systems, backup catalogs or databases, backup software, backup agents, storage, networking, and potential cloud resources. In an ideal situation, each of these elements are continuously monitored for health, capacity, performance, and ransomware issues, but this rarely happens.

In a press statement, James Kost, senior systems engineer at Cobalt Iron, said, “we have developed this technology to create a more dynamic means of collecting data about backup infrastructure and operations. In particular, when certain conditions or events occur, more information is needed from components or operations in order to properly analyze, prepare for, and respond to those situations. For example, if there are operational or infrastructure issues with backup, it might be very desirable to increase the fidelity and frequency of automatic data collection for all involved components. Another example might be indications of a ransomware attack. If the business is under a particular security condition, increasing data collection fidelity and frequency can allow closer and more accurate insights into any activities that impact the backup environment and operations.”

The new dynamic data collection fidelity capability is aimed at IT administrators, backup administrators, systems administrators, CIOs, and other IT professionals responsible for maintaining backup and IT infrastructure operations. The new patent also protects the pluggable Compass architecture, disclosing novel Compass techniques that automatically adjust backup, storage, cloud, and network plugged-in components as dictated by conditions or events.

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