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Commvault Teams Up with Alibaba Cloud to Accelerate Global Digital Transformations

Commvault Teams Up with Alibaba Cloud to Accelerate Global Digital Transformations

Commvault Teams Up with Alibaba Cloud to Accelerate Global Digital TransformationsEnterprise backup, recovery, archive, and cloud provider, Commvault recently announced that it has joined forces with Alibaba Cloud. The companies will leverage each other’s technology and market advantages in order to provide users with scalable hybrid cloud data management solutions and accelerate digital transformations worldwide.

Alibaba Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service provider, and through its partnership with Commvault, businesses can securely move to the cloud. Data is critical for information-driven organizations, but new regulations and changing business needs can make it difficult for organizations to move forward with digital transformations. Commvault and Alibaba Cloud will address this by jointly delivering:

  • Integrated features on a single unified platform: Companies will have access to scalable computing and data processing capabilities through Alibaba Cloud, which will be managed securely and accessed on the unified data management platform offered by Commvault.
  • Centralized support: Alibaba Cloud offers users technical support at all stages of their cloud migration journey, powered by Commvault’s experts from engineering and user support teams.
  • Personalized offerings: The partnership between the two businesses will be a platform for knowledge-transfer. This includes customer and partner evaluations and feedback, which allows Commvault and Alibaba Cloud to keep developing upgrades and offerings that support today’s changing business requirements.

Head of Global Alliance, Alibaba Cloud Global, Dajiang Han stated, “we are excited to enter this strategic partnership with Commvault and concertedly empower our customers through advanced cloud computing and management capabilities. Digital transformation is the new benchmark for companies amidst an increasingly competitive landscape, and data is at the core of this journey. As cloud continues to serve as the backbone of today’s digital economy, Alibaba Cloud and Commvault are committed to deliver innovative technologies to address the ever-growing challenges in data storage, processing, management, and protection.”

Owen Taraniuk, Vice President of Worldwide Partnerships and Market Development at Commvault also discussed the partnership, saying, “the strategic combination of Commvault’s leadership in backup and recovery and moving data to, from and between clouds and Alibaba Cloud’s strengths will provide customers with scalable and secure cloud data solutions, while supporting the acceleration of digital transformations across the globe. Commvault’s partnership with Alibaba continues building on our unwavering commitment to delivering cloud-optimized solutions so that our customers can leverage the power and benefits of a multi-cloud strategy for modernized data protection and disaster recovery.”

To read Commvault’s full press release for more, click here.

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