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CRN Emerging Vendors 2018: 5 Storage Tools We Recommend

CRN Emerging Vendors 2018 5 Storage Tools We Recommend

CRN Emerging Vendors 2018 5 Storage Tools We RecommendIT news and analyst outlet, CRN, recently released its 2018 Emerging Vendors, a listing that highlights up and coming channel-focused providers. As opposed to previous years, this edition of the list is broken down into seven distinct technology categories, which include big data, cloud, data center, Internet of Things, networking, security, and storage.

CRN has also published the Top Data Storage Companies You Need To Know included in the list as an interactive slideshow. At Solutions Review, we track the solution providers that have the biggest impact on the enterprise. To that end, we’ve read through CRN’s complete rankings, available here, and chosen the 5 storage tools we believe matter most.


Cohesity offers the capability to consolidate secondary storage silos onto a hyper-converged, web-scale data platform across both private and public clouds. With the vendor’s tool, Cohesity DataPlatform,  users are able to streamline their backup and data protection, then converge file and object services, testing and development instances, and analytic operations in order to provide a global data store. Cohesity DataPlatform also works in a user’s core data center, remote or branch offices, and in private or public clouds.


Datera provides a software-based data services platform that powers high-performance application environments at a global scale through data orchestration and automation in conjunction with server-based infrastructure. Because Datera replaces silos with their platform, their solution is flexible, allowing users to orchestrate data at scale for any application, regardless of environment. Without the complexity of multiple silos, Datera enables the simplification of IT storage architectures.


Hedvig provides modern storage for enterprise computing environments running at any scale. The vendor’s platform offers a software-defined solution with distributed systems DNA, unconstrained by existing architectures that struggle to keep up with scale-out applications. When using Hedvig’s private cloud storage, users can automatically and dynamically provision storage assets only using software on standard x86 servers. In addition to this, the Hedvig Distributed Platform spans across workloads, clouds, and tiers, which makes scaling up simple.


Qumulo is an enterprise data storage startup. The provider’s platform, Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) offers a scalable file storage system that can run in the data center and the public cloud. In addition to this, QF2 provides continuous replication, which allows users to move their data where they want and when they want. QF2 also enables users to solve administration problems in real time, regardless of the number of files and directories they manage.


Reduxio aims to innovate within the data management and protection space through it’s unified primary and secondary storage platform. The platform is designed to provide RPOs and RTOs close to zero as a capability of its storage system, while also simplifying the process of data protection and delivering built-in data replication for disaster recovery. Reduxio enables users to protect and transfer data between on-prem storage and the cloud. This capability is also not solely for VMs, it applies to the mobilization of any workload to or from the cloud.

See the full CRN Emerging Vendors list.

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