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Databarracks Announces New Partnership with Rubrik

Databarracks Announces New Partnership with Rubrik

Databarracks Announces New Partnership with RubrikIT disaster recovery and business continuity solution provider, Databarracks, has announced its new partnership with Rubrik. Rubrik offers cloud data management and orchestrates data for hybrid cloud enterprises when needed. Additionally, the provider’s architecture is future-proof and scalable.

In a press statement, managing director at Databarracks, Peter Groucutt said, “as a specialist service provider, it’s important to us that we offer a variety of technologies to meet the needs of our customers, but it’s also vital that we don’t just use every product on the market. We chose only the best and know those technologies, inside and out to build solutions for our customers.

“As such, we’re constantly evaluating new technologies. Data protection has suddenly become a very interesting market again and we’ve had an eye on Rubrik since its launch. They’ve flipped the traditional view of backup on its head and look at backups from the viewpoint of what they deliver to us – recovery. Policy-based management simplifies service level agreement (SLA) delivery and ensures compliance. The API-based architecture and ability to integrate with third-party services adds flexibility. Rubrik’s compatibility with all major public clouds (AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) lets us design backup, archive, and disaster recovery services to meet all customer needs and vendor preferences. Together, we combine the most innovative technology with expert 24/7 support.”

The Director of Western Europe at Rubrik, Martin Brown also added, “we are thrilled to add a partner of Databarracks’ caliber and further expand our presence in the UK. They have a great reputation for delivering secure and reliable data protection services in the UK and have been doing so for a long time. The fact they decided to build out their cloud data management services based on Rubrik, is further validation of our innovative approach to data protection. The Databarracks solution will help our mutual customers easily take advantage of Rubrik for data protection, search, analytics, archival, and copy data management.”

Databarracks launched the UK’s first managed online backup services and offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) capabilities as well. Rubrik provides users with a single platform to protect and manage data on-prem or in the cloud, with the intent of lowering total cost of ownership and facilitating infrastructure flexibility.

To read Databarracks’ full press release, click here.

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