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Druva Adds Protection Capabilities for AWS Workloads

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Druva Adds Protection Capabilities for AWS WorkloadsCloud data protection and management solution provider, Druva, Inc., recently announced extended data protection capabilities for Amazon Web Services (AWS) enterprise workloads. These additional capabilities include backup and data management for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), long-term archiving for Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots, and new global policies for AWS accounts. With these new updates, users have the ability to manage workloads, enable consistent storage policies across the platform, and lower costs with Druva’s automated storage tiering functionality.

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In a press statement, Chief Product Officer at Druva, Mike Palmer said, “AWS’s ease-of-use, competitive cost, and vast array of services have enabled enterprises to build today’s applications, scaling on demand and innovating for the future. Given how easy it is to set up environments in AWS, enterprises look to further reduce business risk, increase operational efficiency, and retain visibility of all their data. As one of the only data protection solutions built entirely on AWS, and given our intimate knowledge of it, Druva is the ideal solution to help leverage AWS to the fullest and drive our customers’ business forward.”

Druva users can now reduce risk, store data across Amazon S3 storage tiers, and increase visibility with features such as:

  • Amazon S3 Backup: Access a user-friendly interface to navigate snapshots of Amazon S3 buckets and set granular version control with backup policies for Amazon S3 buckets across accounts and regions within AWS with include/exclude rule-based selections of Amazon S3 buckets and S3 Objects.
  • Amazon EBS Archival: Users can transition Amazon EBS snapshots to Amazon S3 storage classes like Amazon S3 Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive, reducing costs while maintaining availability for business continuity, compliance, customer contracts, and e-Discovery.
  • Global Data Management Policies: Automated onboarding enables users to onboard and set policies across one or hundreds of accounts from the user’s AWS estate, including AWS GovCloud accounts. Additionally, global policies allow users to not only list backup policies across accounts but apply those policies to full accounts.

Steven Hill, senior analyst at 451 Research, also added, “protecting production workloads and managing data can be complex. The global, policy-based data protection and life-cycle automation Druva is adding to its data protection service provides the tools needed to effectively manage that complexity. In addition, Druva leverages the flexible and resilient Amazon S3 storage, tiering data for cost-efficient long-term archiving and governance of AWS EBS volume snapshots.”

To read Druva’s full press release, click here.

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