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FalconStor VTL Backup Solution Offers Improved Price and Performance

FalconStor VTL Backup Solution Offers Improved Price and Performance

FalconStor VTL Backup Solution Offers Improved Price and PerformanceProvider of vendor-agnostic cloud-native software platforms for storage and data management, FalconStor Software, recently announced that FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL), its backup and archive orchestration solution, has a price-performance of 3X-6X better than a leading competitor. This is according to new independent lab results performed in April 2019 by national information management and data storage analyst firm, Evaluator Group.

FalconStor’s solution enables enterprise IT departments to modernize their backup and archive environment, save on operational costs, and improve restore performance for rapid remote disaster recovery. FalconStor provides single-node aggregate backup speeds of almost 40 TB/hour, using an industry standard 2-socket system, as well as multiple fiber channel cards, back-end fiber channel attached storage for retention, and FalconStor VTL software.

In a press statement, vice president of product at FalconStor, David Morris said, “today’s announcement reaffirms the FalconStor VTL position as the leading backup and orchestration solution in the market. Backup windows are getting harder to meet and data retention compliance requirements are becoming more strict and costly. FalconStor VTL is the most powerful and affordable solution available to help customers meet the most stringent backup windows, save costs by reducing capacity requirements by up to 95%, and unlock the cloud for long-term data retention and recovery.”

The results of testing and analysis of FalconStor VTL by the Evaluator Group are:

  • Single-node backup speeds of nearly 40 TB/hour
  • Data protection that scales with additional CPU and I/O channels
  • Price/performance ratio of 3X-6X better than a leading competitor
  • Independent scaling of VTL processing, storage performance, and capacity

Evaluator Group authors Russ Fellows and Mohammed Rabin also added, “sustained high throughput is critical to meeting backup windows with enterprises typically using multiple media servers to help transport backup data from the hundreds or thousands of source locations to the desired backup target systems. The performance of the tested FalconStor VTL was the highest performing single node system Evaluator Group is aware of to date at nearly 40 TB/hour. Additionally, with few observed architectural limitations, the FalconStor VTL should scale both performance and capacity by adding additional resources.”

To read FalconStor’s full press release, click here.

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