Gartner Names 5 Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies, 2018

Gartner Names 5 Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies 2018New research from Gartner highlights five private storage vendors that demonstrate innovative ways to address issues in storage technology. Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Storage Technologies, 2018 focuses on providers that assist businesses with data center modernization, cost containment initiatives, and meeting their infrastructure agility. Gartner recommends that infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders pick storage solutions that can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud as a means to enhance flexibility for emerging workloads.

Now, on to the vendors:


CloudLanes offers features such as data verifications, chain of custody, retention policy management, secure erasure, and prevention of accidental deletion through file locking. Its platform is modeled after a hybrid multi-cloud method with a cloud storage gateway virtual appliance that supports SMB, NFS, VTL, and S3 data stores. Additionally, it can transfer data to different clouds in order to leverage application ecosystems. Why cool?


Excelero is a platform targeted towards I&O leaders looking for distributed software-defined storage that can handle a variety of workloads, such as highly transactional workloads and latency-sensitive applications, and mixed workloads with high-bandwidth operations. In addition, Excelero works with hardware manufacturers in an effort to establish hardware reference architectures. Why Cool?

Pavilion Data Systems

Pavilion Data Systems offers a platform that is beneficial for users looking for small, fast, and dense storage for low-latency workloads storage while having high-bandwidth workloads as well. This platform is called the Pavilion Memory Array, and it can be used for emerging analytics, AI or ML-type workloads that display high degrees of parallelism as well. Why cool?


StorReduce is primarily used to replace common backup targets and backup appliances. The focus of the platform is to enable a cloud-first strategy. IT professionals may be interested in this platform as a means to accelerate development and testing, and to support malware defense as well. Why cool?


WekaIO offers a software-only Matrix product which provides flexibility and scalability. The product also isolates Dev/Test environments in order to improve efficiency and lower risk. WekaIO is an option for IT leaders in the market for a unified software product to facilitate data management and hybrid cloud workflow. Why Cool?

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