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HP Data Protector Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Recovery

HP Data Protector Backup and Recovery



HP Data Protector software helps enterprises meet current and future backup and recovery challenges and business requirements with a sturdy architecture designed to scale from small and medium businesses, to larger and more complex enterprises. The solution uses advanced integration with applications and infrastructure, and operational analytics, to optimize backup, improve business continuity and resiliency, and boost uptime within IT environments.

Integration with applications and infrastructure, and operational analytics to optimize backup and recovery process, help improve business continuity and boost uptime within IT environments. HP Data Protector can centrally manage and protect critical data scattered across remote sites and data centers in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Key Features:

  • Analytical Insight and Adaptive Intelligence- Optimizing the backup and recovery process with an approach that also addresses tomorrow’s needs requires that ability to derive value and insight from backup-related operational information.
  • HP StoreOnce Federated Deduplication- A patented deduplication technology that is deployed with HP Data Protector software and HP storage systems.
  • Cloud-Based Backup– Through integrated cloud protection, HP Data Protector extends backup to the cloud by blending the on premise and secure hosted backup into one offering.
  • Automated Disaster Recovery- Delivers centralized system recovery (bare metal recovery) to virtual or physical servers (from p2v or v2p) from a single backup, at no additional cost- to streamline the disaster recovery process. Customers can create a disaster recovery image from any existing file system or image backup.
  • Advanced Application Protection- Advanced functionality to simplify and automate application protection and recovery, allowing users to automate the recovery process by rolling forward the application transaction logs and recovering applications to an exact point in time.
  • Centralized Management- Offers a single console to centrally manage data protection for physical and virtual servers across on premise, hybrid and cloud infrastructure. It offers integration with HP storage from tape automation to array snapshots and replication from a centralized console without scripting to support and RPO/RTO.

Bottom Line:

HP Data Protector is an on premise backup and disaster recovery solution that is catered towards large enterprises. Data Protector does not include any kind of cloud backup, but that is available with a different HP backup and disaster solution. Data Protector runs on Windows based machines.

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