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IT Resilience Predictions for 2019 with Zerto and US Signal

IT Resilience Predictions for 2019 with Zerto and US Signal

IT Resilience Predictions for 2019 with Zerto and US SignalWith 2018 coming to a close, it’s time to look to the future. Professionals in the IT resilience space are reevaluating the trends and errors of this year in order to prepare for 2019. Through this process, buyers learn which solutions are worth focusing on. We had the opportunity to speak with Matt VandwerZwaag, director of product development at US Signal, and Ziv Kedem, CEO of Zerto, who were kind enough to share their IT resilience predictions for 2019.

US Signal provides users with data center services, which offer connectivity, colocation, cloud hosting, data protection, and disaster recovery solutions. Zerto offers organizations enterprise disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for virtualized data centers and cloud environments.

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IT Resilience will Become a Bigger Priority

“In the last year, 70 percent of businesses experienced at least one IT outage in the last 12 months. These incidents were most frequently caused by natural disasters, errors while implementing new technology, ransomware and IT overloads, respectively. To decrease the risk of outages and disruptions, and to improve recovery time when they do occur, we believe that we will see more businesses trying to achieve full IT resilience, through a combination of disaster recovery planning and technology, backup in the cloud and continuous data protection.

“Companies need to recruit the right IT talent either in-house or through external consultants and invest in the best IT solutions to stay ahead of the game – whether that’s planning for natural disasters or fighting off the latest malware or virus. If they fail to do so, businesses risk being hit by the high costs associated with unplanned IT downtime.” – Matt VanderZwaag, director of product development, US Signal

An Increase of Services Born in the Cloud

“In 2018, we saw organizations dreaming about making new services ‘born in the cloud,’ but facing challenges getting the data there with minimal disruption. In 2019, we’ll see more business begin to make this dream a reality.

“Protecting workloads once they’re in a public or multi-cloud environment can often be a big challenge that people just don’t think about. It’s easy to assume that once your data is out there, it’s already safe, and the platform won’t go down. However, this simply isn’t the case. Businesses need to be actively looking to protect and monitor data wherever it is, and understand what role mobility can play in this. As workload needs change, businesses will need to make sure they have a way to move data to, from and between different infrastructures without interruption, to ensure the organization is able to seamlessly adapt and protect itself.

“It is important not to make downtime vulnerability an ‘acceptable’ risk, in order to focus on continuous development, speed and performance. We hope that, in 2019, more business leaders will opt for technologies that provide assurances that all workloads, data, and applications are protected no matter where they reside, where they are moved to or what outside influences impact them. Achieving this, without slowing the pace of business transformation, will be the great technology challenge that business leaders should look to overcome in 2019.” – Ziv Kedem, CEO, Zerto

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