Study From StorageCraft Reveals Sources of Concern for IT Teams

Study From StorageCraft Reveals Sources of Concern for IT TeamsData protection solution provider, StorageCraft, recently announced the results of an independent global research study on attitudes and experiences of IT decision-makers (ITDM) around data management. The study, commissioned by StorageCraft, reveals global concern surrounding the business impact and risk from rampant and unrestricted data growth. In addition to this, the research shows that the IT infrastructures of many businesses are struggling and often failing to provide business continuity in the event of severe data outages.

The majority (86 percent) of respondents believe that data volume will grow by 10x or more during the next five years. When asked about the possible impact of this growth, 80 percent showed concern about the risk and the business impact it would have on their organization. StorageCraft’s study reveals far-reaching business implications, with respondents naming the following potential risks resulting from being unable to manage data growth adequately:

  •  64 percent expect an increase in operational costs;
  • 47 percent predict an inability to recover quickly enough in the event of a disaster;
  • 39 percent foresee that they will be more susceptible to security risks;
  • 29 percent expect that strategic projects will fail, and
  • 25 percent anticipate that revenue generation will slow down.

Businesses are already struggling with data growth, as well as their ability to recover from a data outage.

  • Only 15 percent of respondents have an IT infrastructure that allows them to recover from a significant data loss within an hour;
  • 40 percent believe that it would take up to an entire day to recover, and
  • 25 percent approximate that data recovery would take them weeks or days.

In a press statement, vice president of marketing and product management at StorageCraft, Shridar Subramanian said, “despite IT managers’ heroic efforts to maintain the performance and continuity of their IT infrastructures, we are reaching an inflection point where organizations cannot keep up with the volume and complexity of data management. The fact that a quarter of companies participating in the research are unable to recover from an outage for days or even weeks highlights how widespread this issue is. Businesses of all sizes and industries strive to flourish in increasingly data-driven economies. To succeed, their IT infrastructures require an economically viable and contemporary scale-out data protection system. StorageCraft’s solutions ensure data is always safe, accessible, and optimized when needed and instantly recoverable in the event of an outage.”

To read StorageCraft’s full press release, click here.

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